Top Ten Freddy Krueger Kills

A list of kills by Freddy which can be scary, creepy, or anything in between. Choose your favorite.

The Top Ten

1 Tina
2 Jennifer

A girl who is also suicidal that wants to be a movie star gets smashed through a mounted wall T.V. by Freddy after he busts his arms out and his head and smashes her through the screen. Her "big break in T.V."

"Welcome To Prime Time, Bitch! " -Freddy Krueger
Best one liner ever, also one of the best quotes ever

Welcome to prime time, bitch!

3 Phillip
4 Debbie
5 Glen

Glen's death is truly brutally cruel; all that blood lost from his body bursting from his bed. Ha Ha, poor Johnny Depp (Glen Lantz).

6 Spencer
7 Greta

Greta should be first. - RedTheGremlin

A top of the line model (supposedly) is over stuffed by force feeding... You know, because "You are what you eat! "

A underrated kill

8 Joey

I think Joey should have been number 5 or 6 because his death is great to the scene with hope marine Carlton to joeys blood is best thing I seen because I like pt 4 elm street just because of the creatively the kills have like Debbie's and shelias and evens Kincaids and rocks death we're interested death scenes I laugh my butt off

Sorry kid but Waterbeds aren't good for U. Say goodbye.

Hi my name ya is heather anadubf, HFNA;DNNSAHFAFNHRNAJFDF

9 Mark

This is the best Freddy Krueger death

10 Dan

The Contenders

11 Taryn

Taryn, who used to have a drug habit, foolishly tries to take down Freddy on her own, as the hospital group, led by Nancy, gets separated. Freddy, playing on her worse fears (he does that a lot) turns his blades into syringes and gives Taryn an overdose in her needle marked arms which have become blinking eyes. Another ouch.

12 Coach Schneider
13 Sheila

I was SHOCKED when I first saw it, but then I saw what he was doing. A girl who has asthma gets the life sucked out of her by Freddy.

14 Nancy

Last but not least, we have poor Nancy. One of the most beloved has to go, just like any movie. We all miss her.

She was terrified, & yet so brave, to stand up to Krueger.

15 Ron

More known as Grady, he is attacked in his room after Jesse "turns into Freddy"... You would have to watch to understand.

16 Rod
17 Carlos Rodriguez (The Final Nightmare)

This is the saddest - RedTheGremlin

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