Top Ten Best Fredy Miler Songs


The Top Ten

1 Vedno Si Sanjala Njega

This song is about betrayal. It's really deep definitely his greatest work - Proletariat

When I first heard this song I was stunned. The lyrics are deep and the meaning is very insightful. Overall I agree this is the best Fredi song.

2 Kk Se Šiht Dobi

This song is about how hard it is to get a job also really amazing. - Proletariat

3 Daj Daj Porini

It's about a car that got stuck in the mud pretty fun and good. - Proletariat

4 Nategnem Še Tvojo

It's about a slingshot really amazing. - Proletariat

5 Naredi Da Mi Pride

It's about a magic cow that grants wishes pretty simple. - Proletariat

6 Do Jutra

Simply the greatest party song. - Proletariat

7 Kako Sem Nažgan

Best song to play when drunk. - Proletariat

8 Srnica
9 Ti Si Meni Vse

Great love song. - Proletariat

10 Na Kmetiji

Great song about hard work on farms. - Proletariat

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