Top 10 Free! Guys

Free! is one of my favourite sports anime, I have listed the guys, but I also really love Gou!!! Its hard to choose between these guys 😓

The Top Ten

1 Haruka Nanase Haruka Nanase

I love him because his kind of like me, distant and silent, but always there for his friends. that's why I really love his personality. - creepy

2 Makoto Tachibana Makoto Tachibana

Socially a little shy, but the guy with the biggest heart and broadest shoulders. - creepy

3 Rei Ryugazaki Rei Ryugazaki

He does not get much fans, but that means more for me, without him the Iwatobi swim club was not complete, plus his swimsuit is great. - creepy

4 Souske Yamazaki Souske Yamazaki

People found him the worst...yes, that's true, even me in the begining, but when I got to know why he was acting like a butt face, I started to understand him more, and his big muscles! I just had to forgive him. - creepy

5 Nagisa Hazuki

Without Nagisa's cuteness, the swimclub would not exist, so guys you should all thank him for everything. - creepy

6 Rin Matsuoka Rin Matsuoka

Of course the fangirls love him, I hated him in the begining but I started loving him as the story progressed. - creepy

7 Momotarou Mikoshiba Momotarou Mikoshiba

Bug man! Aka The Otter, he got a badass nickname and everything! Who does not like badasses? - creepy

8 Nitori Aiichiro Nitori Aiichiro

Nervouse about everything, cute but not my type. And his little mole, id like to squeeze his cheeks. - creepy

9 Seijuro Mikoshiba Seijuro Mikoshiba

Who does not love him? - creepy

10 Kisumi Shigino Kisumi Shigino
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