Top 10 Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Couples

Vote your top ten couples for Free! Iwatobi Swim Club.
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1 Nanase Haruka X Tachibana Makoto

MAKOHARU! Remember when haru almost kissed Mako? That was because they care for each other and makoto always looks out for haru, and they are cute together. Like mako helping haru out the pool almost every single time he is in the pool

Like Haru and Mako are perfect for each other. They are best friends and know each other really well already! They've been destined to be~

A lot more calm and sweet then RINHARU. I just don't think rin and haru who get along and rin would pick up fights.

Makoto has always been there for Haru and understands him better than anyone. I can't see Haru with Rin mostly because Rin's personality is so intense compared to Haru's. I don't disagree with RinHaru, I just personally prefer MakoHaru.

2 Hazuki Nagisa X Ryugazaki Rei

They are practically canon, no other ship rivals theirs

I ship them so much that I asked the voice of Rei at a Q&A panel if they r dating.

It's obvious that Nagisa adores Rei and the feelings appear mural the way Rei takes care of Nagisa. They're perfect together'

Most beautiful ship ever! My phone is covered in photos of the two together. Couple goals. #NagisaxRei

3 Nanase Haruka X Matsuoka Rin

If you replace Haru with a shoujo manga girl with a similar personality, it's pretty obvious Haru would end up with Rin.

They're meant to be! I love angsty couples!

I'm all for emotionless x tsundere!


4 Matsuoka Gou X Mikoshiba Seijuro

No. Momo all the way!

5 Nitori Aiichiro X Matsuoka Rin

Why is this booger paired with Rin?!?! - LazyNeko

6 Nanase Haruka X Water

Haru loves being in the water... If u know what I mean

7 Amakata Miho X Sasabe Goro

This is best ship known to mankind

8 Matsuoka Gou X Matsuoka Rin
9 Tachibana Makoto X Matsuoka Rin

My new favourite couple! They look so good together, and their personalities fit perfectly!

10 Mikoshiba Seijuro X Matsuoka Rin
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