Best Free Kicks in Football (Soccer)

This list is a list of some of the best free kicks taken in football (soccer) history .I haven't seen all of the free kicks in live .I had to collect these .I tried my best .

The Top Ten

1 Roberto Carlos vs France

Stunning free the ball curved.mind blowing free kick,best I have ever seen. a match of Tournoi de France 1997 - zxm

2 David Beckham vs Greece

A match for the qualification of world cup 2002 - zxm

3 Juninho vs Ajaccio
4 Ronaldinho vs England
5 Mikael Nilsson vs PSV
6 Ronaldinho vs Werder Bremen

That goal was funny - zxm

7 Laurent Robert vs Southampton
8 Oleksandr Aliyev vs Dnipro
9 David Luiz vs Colombia

2014 world cup,brazil vs Columbia.that goal I had seen it live. - zxm

10 John Arne Riise vs Manchester United

The Contenders

11 Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs England
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