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1 mp3Clan

For me this site is the best. I can listen, download, create playlists and it has a nice design too. Mp3clan's stuff did a good job. Thumbs up.

This is better than all others its easier to search and download a song...

My favorite so far. Has everything you need.

Only reliable one here

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Can be a little tricky but go to 4 songs it's better and less complicated.

Bad news quys has been shuttered down after losing a battle against three music companies

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It's a gd site. I like it

Very bad not good in use balraj kharb

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Really easy to find best songs

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This is best for mp3 download site

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This site has been around for a long time and is always the best place to find all music!

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11 is the best website out there for MP3s download. You can download playlist from Spotify, YouTube and Deezer. You also have access to all the artists and download complete discographies.

All the songs have the right metadata (such as right cover image, artist and album information).

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I love that they include album artwork and song tags with every download, helps keep my library organized and makes my music player look beautiful on my phone!

I've been searching for a website that automatically adds ID3 tags and album cover and this is by far the best one I've ever seen!

Best one on this list by far!

16 Free Mp3 Tube

I think this site has the potential to be better than mp3skull in the near future. Thumbs up!

This is the best ever site for downloading music!

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The Best Among The Rest.

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