Best Free Rider HD Players

Free Rider HD has a whole website and it's a biking game with many Free Rider "Pros." This brings up an interesting topic, who are the best "Pros" of Free Rider? Before you vote on someone, I'd like you to actually view some of their replays before making an official judgement.

The Top Ten

1 FoxGamingTM

This guy's not very well known but I think they deserve to be well known because they make great replays on Free Rider HD! - kennywilliams21

2 Ninjasparkour

He's best known for being great at skipping tracks or completing short tracks almost immediately! - kennywilliams21

3 Skijumping

They are so great at Free Rider HD and deserve to be in the Free Rider Hall of Fame! - kennywilliams21

4 Wave

Very good. Not much else to say. - kennywilliams21

5 RedOrBlue

Known for similar things as Ninjasparkour. - kennywilliams21

6 WillRBX

Not too many people actually recognize them as a pro. WillRBX is actually extremely good. - kennywilliams21

7 NotVeryGood

Quite an ironic name, considering they're nearly perfect at Free Rider HD! - kennywilliams21

8 Catalyst

I must say, most of their replays amaze and shock me! - kennywilliams21

9 tetrationiscool

They are just perfect at levels with many jumps! - kennywilliams21

10 spruce

They are just overall good! - kennywilliams21

The Contenders

11 Mr. A
12 Sidewalk
13 DestroyGamers
14 HyperCube
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