Top 10 Free Wordpress Plugins to Add Animations to Your Website

The web is evolving beyond our imagination. With the internet users demanding better user interface and user experience, the websites and web apps are turning more beautiful.

No one wants to operate the old school websites with a boring UI/UX design. Thus, every website owner needs to take a good care of making their website aesthetically appealing as well as functional so as to deliver the best UI/UX to the users.

With such a great demand of better UI/UX, most of the web development frameworks have incorporated many brilliant features. One of these features is the CSS animations.

Have you ever visited a website with hovering icons or images or transitions? That’s exactly what CSS animations are! To add the animation effect to their website, the experts delivering the WordPress development services can use a number of free plugins available for WordPress.

Here is a list of to 10 free plugins to add animations using WordPress:

The Top Ten

1 Ultimate Hover Effect
2 Animate It!
3 Hyena GIF Animation Controls

The Hyena plugin is a very responsive WP plugin that helps you add animated GIFs to your website. The plugin is extremely lightweight and easy to use. As compared to most of the other animation plugins available for WordPress, this one delivers the best performance when it comes to GIF animations. It delivers a faster loading time and helps you add different styles to the animations as well. - softprodigy

4 Page Scroll to id

If you’re looking for smoother scrolling and CSS3 web page animations, this plugin can be your best pick. With the help of this plugin, you can easily control the scroll duration and customize animation effects, choosing from 30 different styles. - softprodigy

5 WP Progress Bar

This plugin is best suited if you need to add an animated progress bar to your web pages as well as posts. There are a number of customization options in terms of colors, percentages, text, etc. The added progress bars are added along with a Shortcode. - softprodigy

6 Simple Text Rotator

This one helps you add elegant and aesthetically appealing text rotation animations to your website using the WP Shortcodes. You can use this plugin to highlight some of the words of your posts or web pages, say the keywords. This will help you grab the attention of your visitors. - softprodigy

7 Button X

With the help of this plugin, you can build animated buttons for your website. The plugin comes with free button packs and extensions for you to utilize it to the best. A number of variations can be introduced on your website buttons using this plugin and no coding is required. - softprodigy

8 Page Loading Effects

This plugin offers a range of animations from which you can choose the suitable one. The animation appears when the contents of your website are loaded. The plugin helps your visitors keep entertained even if your website is slow to load. You can choose from a great variety of CSS animations with different colors, to add to your loading screen. - softprodigy

9 Page Animations and Transitions

With the help of this WP plugin, you can add various CSS3 animations and movements to your website. The plugin uses a Shortcode to add animations to your web pages and comes with a number of customization options. - softprodigy

10 Animate Shortcode
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