Top 10 Best Freerunners

People that do parkour AND freerunning sorry david bell fans

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21 Kie Willis

Freerunner since 10 years. He is a member of storm freerunning and he do incredible parkour moves.

22 Alfred Scott

The parkour meaning is not this only do flips the parkour meaning is this also do parkour in rooftop ok Alfred scoot by

Yo mama

23 Kirya Kolesnikov

Double russian front flip on flat ground! The god of russian front flip!

24 Thomas Schantz
25 Trung Khon


He will do the first standing double back on normal flat ground :3

26 Alex Schauer

He's my cousin...

27 Katie McDonnell

She is an inspiring female free runner and has links to some of the best free runners in the world

She is awesome and inpiring! Her style is unlike Sasha Shevas kind of male but still elegant.

28 Phosky

He just has the best flow you can't test

In my oppinion phosky is the best of them all, the flow of this guy is amazing. He does many tricks while they all look like one big trick

Flow & energy

29 Shadezlat

old school

30 Luci Romberg
31 Kyle Mendoza
32 Thomas Tapp

He is the best freerunner I have seen ever

33 Joel Allen
34 Daniel Ilabaca

Of all traceurs and free runners no one is quite like Danny. His mastery of technique and unique natural flow is something more people should notice. When he was 19 he practically invented flow and his skill is crazy watch his 2007 showreel (extended version).

35 Farid Zitoun

If you've never seen this man, you better go to Youtube right now and look him up. Your mind will be blown away.

36 Trung Khon

bbk gang

37 Michael Frosti Zernow

His real name is Michael but he goes by frosti cause his style is cold as ice he is one of the most creative freerunners and hits massive strides - jesserunsandskates

38 Pip Andersan
39 Nick Provost

Nick provost is really inspiring he encourages to keep trying you should check out his get back up Kong gainer video on YouTube

40 Drew Drechsel

The man doesn't know what the word slow means. Insanely fast and crazy with his freerunning and acrobatic tricks. Arguably the fastest man ever on American Ninja Warrior. There is so much more to say describing this man's talent, that I don't have time to sit here and write about it!

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