Top Ten Freestyle Motocross Riders


The Top Ten

1 Travis Pastrana

Grate word search

Just the guts of Travis Pastrana and the willigness to never quit until the gold is why he is number one.

The best

There is truly no one like him. He's an inspiration to all with an amazing personality.

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2 Tom Pages

Best rider of all time, still exploring on peculiar styles.. No one can bet him.!

Great rider knows his stuff

560 flair is owsome

He is the most competent rider...

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3 Levi Sherwood

Rubber kid should be much higher

I vote you bec. you have nyc style you know how bring it.

4 Brian Deegan

He is awesome and his son is too

he's one of the best guys out there

5 Robbie Maddison
6 Nate Adams

The only guy who could beat Travis Pastrana

7 Dany Torres
8 Eigo Sato
9 Todd Potter
10 Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg

He is the best in the world

Twitch has no boundaries and pushes his own personal limits. He's grown a lot within the sport and within himself.

The Contenders

11 Brandon RIchards
12 Josh Sheehan

I met him he is a non egotistical person and is quite talkative why is he not first

He should be number 1

Triple backflip come on!

He is the oly guy to throw double backflips into a FMX run
Being a fellow Australian makes it even better

13 Jeff Hend
14 Jimmy Evans
15 Frank Ecks
16 Travis Davis
17 Taka Higashino


Taka should be number 1, rock solid backflip that he never practiced in the foam pit, straight up on dirt. No one does that trick as good as taka and even a tripple backflip can’t compete. 2nd-3rd twitch/pastrana.

18 Adam Steele
19 Jeremy Lusk

I love jeremy lusk cause his the best of the best but his died and even his dead I will always his fan

20 Mike Metzger

Mike is the Godfather of freestyle...

This guy is one of the most important pioneers. And will always be one of the baddest dudes on a bike EVER to me. Anyone after him has him to thank for paving the way.

21 Nathan Correa
22 Seth Enslow
23 Jackson Strong
24 Jeff Nickols
25 Brian James
26 Nick Wayne
27 Nathan Velsco
28 James Adams
29 Ricky Torres
30 Kyle Loza
31 Colby Raha
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