Top Ten Freestyle Motocross Riders


The Top Ten

1 Travis Pastrana

No one compares! Hands down my personal favorite! Not only do I believe that he's the greatest rider he also has an amazing attitude that inspires people all over the world. If I had one thing to say to Travis it would be "thank you! "

I love pastrana! 199 FOR THE WIN! No one has ever reached the level of awesomeness this kid has! I mean look at all the work he has! Everyone knows pastrana's name.

Evem I don't know who you are I'll vote you because my friends and classmates said that your the best of best, but my real favorite motocross rider is JEREMY LUSK but his dead and that's terrible for me even I don't know him but I know his moves and styles and because of death!

Sick. - Mike777

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2 Levi Sherwood

Rubber kid should be much higher

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3 Tom Pages

He landed the first ever bikeflip he's the best


4 Brian Deegan

he's one of the best guys out there

5 Robbie Maddison
6 Nate Adams

The only guy who could beat Travis Pastrana

7 Todd Potter
8 Dany Torres
9 Eigo Sato
10 Brandon RIchards

The Contenders

11 Jeff Hend
12 Jimmy Evans
13 Frank Ecks
14 Adam Steele
15 Travis Davis
16 Nathan Correa
17 Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg
18 Josh Sheehan

Triple backflip come on!

He is the oly guy to throw double backflips into a FMX run
Being a fellow Australian makes it even better

19 Jeff Nickols
20 Brian James
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