Top 10 French Horror Films


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1 Martyrs

A twisted and perverted game with the human mind and the soul. the horror genre is pushed to it's most cynical. in the end there's no horror only irony. true mastery - gvats

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2 Les yeux sans visage
3 Les diaboliques
4 Haute tension

High Tension and Alex Aja RULE

The ending twist kicks - gvats

5 Harry un ami qui vous vent du bien

Not so gore but certainly more brainy. director dominic moll leaves you with lots of questions about the identity of the characters and the line between logic and madness is pale. art needs sacrifices - gvats

6 Ils

Where are the children? Out there playing. - gvats

7 A l'interieur

Someone is in the house and wants your baby. let him inside. - gvats

8 Levres des sang
9 Frontiers

One of the best films of all time the haters this movie rocks sure it's not the most original film but hey I'm surprised and gleeful that most people actually love it hey Monsieur Gens I got a message and suggestion for you Make a sequel and make sure it takes place in December 2011 and all the old characters come back and work with other directors to be an awesomely legendary crossover with High Tension, High Lane, Stag Night, Calvaire, Storm Warning, The Human Centipede and The Graves and add new characters and change something about the characters make them immortal or something It will be a legendary success trust me. Well This movie rules

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10 Calvaire
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