Top Ten Fresh Off the Boat Characters

This new ABC comedy has a lot of promise, and I've been able to relate pretty heavily to the Huangs. This list in in celebration of Chinese New Year! Regardless of whether or not I actually grow to like the show, I will continue to keep a close eye on how us Asian-Americans are (finally!) getting represented in American television.

The Top Ten

1 Jessica Huang

A classic tiger mom who's tendencies I know a little too well! Her accent is a bit exaggerated, but I can live with it, she's hilarious! - keycha1n

She is awesome! I love the episode when she is watching Stephen King movies! - TheMazeRuner

2 Louis Huang


Generally likeable and realistic character. - keycha1n

He is so hilarious - bobbythebrony

3 Emery Huang

I hope these characters get developed more! - keycha1n

4 Evan Huang

He's adorable and has some pretty funny one-liners! - keycha1n

He is so cute and funny :3

5 Grandma Huang

She talks in mandarin and really reflects a Chinese grandparent perfectly in my personal opinion and experience. I love her one-liners and she seems so boss (like all Asian grandparents are)! And yes, she doesn't seem to have a first name (according to Wikipedia). I was surprised when I could actually understand her mandarin, I love it! I feel at home. - keycha1n

6 Eddie Huang

Sadly my least favorite member of the Huang family, probably just because he tries a bit too hard to be a gangster, and rap music is just... Not for me. - keycha1n

7 Mitch

No last name determined yet, but he's okay. - keycha1n

8 Honey
9 Nancy

This character has promise! - keycha1n

10 Marvin

He's awesome

The Contenders

11 Alison
12 Nicole
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