Top 10 Frida Casagrande Moments

Now for this list we'll be focusing on anther Loud House/Casagrande character this time we shine the spotlight on Frida Casagrande wife of Carlos and mother to Carlota, C.J., Carl and Carlitos as we countdown some of her memorable moments in the series.
The Top Ten
1 Frida Dresses Up Like Ronnie Anne - Copy Can't

When Carlitos starts becoming more attached to Ronnie Anne Frida is distraught and cries feeling her own son no longer needs her as in a desperate attempt to win him over she dresses up like Ronnie Ann unaware that Ronnie Anne snapped Carlitos out of his attachment to her.

2 Frida Becomes a Snake Charmer - Karma Chameleon

During the episode Ronnie Anne and her cousins and Bobby try to hide Mrs. Chang's snakes and reptiles from Mr. Scully and end up terrifying Frida from one of the snakes and spends the rest if the episode working through her trauma via her art and during the ending Frida becomes a literal snake charmer with her husband Carlos acting as the snake popping out of the basket.

3 Frida Purrs Like a Tiger while Playfully Stroking Carlos's Nose - Missed Connection

When Bobby is having trouble with him and Lori's distant relationship Frida and Carlos offer him advice as Frida states that even when their separated by miles they can still of their hearts aflame as she begins purring like a tiger and starts stroking her husband's nose in a very provocative manner Ronnie Anne disgusted tells her "Aunt Frida Ew!".

4 Frida Floods the Apartment with Her Tears - Grandparent Trap

After seeing Hector and Rosa on Camilla and fearing their relationship is falling apart Frida begins crying so heavily that she ends up flooding the apartment with her tears as near the end of the episode she, Carlitos and Lalo are shown in scuba gear as she continues crying.

5 Frida Teaches Ronnie Anne How to Maintain the Joy of Baile Folklorico - Missed Step

When Ronnie Anne agrees to take Carlota's place for the Baile Folklorico Frida puts her through intense training in the art of Baile Folklorico one of her training methods is teaching Ronnie Anne the art of smiling converting the joy of Baile Folklorico by smiling really wide to the point where her teeth are visible as she has Ronnie Anne and herself dance the Baile Folklorico as she has Carl do everything to try and provoker her while giving Ronnie Anne Maintain the joy and keep smiling no matter what

6 Frida and Maria Play Video Games - City Slickers

After Maria convinces Ronnie Anne to take Lincoln around the city she and Frida play on Ronnie Anne's video game.

7 Frida Gets Burned by Maria - Copy Can't

In this scene Maria accidentally eats food that has been drenched in hot sauce causing her to breath fire as she accidentally burns Frida burning her face and burning off the top of her hair and exposing her head.

8 Frida Plays Dress Up - V.I.P. Eeved

While backstage during the Alisa Barela concert as Carlota is doing Alisa's make up she sees her mother dressed up in a flashy costume she tells her to take it off.

9 Frida Gets Attacked by the Cats - Undivided Attention

While brining in the grocery's she ask Carlota to close the door behind her but Carlota is too distracted by her phone to notice as Frida calls out her name as she gets attacked by the street cats as she screams for Carlota.

10 Frida Embarrasses Carl While He's Making a Video of Himself for Lori - Missed Connection

When Bobby tries to send a video of himself to Lori Carl snatches his flash drive and replaces with one of himself playing the guitar for Lori as Frida interrupts him telling him telling him she got his choo choo jammies fresh from the dryer as Carl embarrassed yells in annoyance "Mommy!".

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