Best Friday Night Funkin' Weeks

For anyone who doesn't know, the songs of Friday Night Funkin' are divided into weeks. Each one has 3 songs, with the exception of week 2. Here are the best ones.
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1 Week 7

This is the most recent one to be added and it is the greatest one I have seen so far. The cutscenes are so well done and it's got some surprises too. Also Tankman is a great character.

This is the best one, no contest

Tankman : Ugh
The Internet: We can make a religion of this
- Stakamakataka

this one is good tankman is so funny in this one and I like how he just roast you when you die

2 Back Alley Blitz

This is the week that is added in the Whitty Mod. Again, great cutscenes. Even though the scream that Whitty unleashes in that one cutscene hurts my ears, it still deserves to be here.

3 Week 4

This week has a few of my favorite songs. I don't get why you are fighting on top of moving cars on a highway, but I guess that's for the fun of it.

this is the best millf is the best song and also it is catchy but week 7 is the best in terms of weeks th

4 Week 2

This week only really has 2 songs. I don't count Monster because it wasn't in the orignal release. Pump and Skid made a good duo and I like both of their songs.

IT'S A SPOOKY MONTH - Stakamakataka

5 Week 3

Pico is one of my favorite characters. His songs are really good and they get stuck in your head a lot.

Who doesn't love Pico? He's literally the mascot of Newgrounds.

Go Pico, yeah yeah, go pico, yeah.

6 Miku

Since Miku is Boyfriend's older sister, you wouldn't expect her to hold back. And she doesn't. This is just some sibling-friendly competion.

Good luck on the final song

7 Hex

I love Hex's songs so much. The cutscenes are also great. Or maybe I just like it because Boyfriend finally speaks English. But back to the mod, all 4 songs are always stuck in my head.

8 Week 1

It's kind of boring if I'm being honest. The songs don't offer much of a challenge except for Dadbattle, which has some doubles.

9 Week 6

I'm not saying this is a terrible week. I like the songs. But the plot is both stupid and dark. Senpai tried to steal Girlfriend when he knew that Boyfriend was already dating her. And the dark part is the last cutscene, where Spirit says he will take over Boyfriend's body if he wins. The plot is very dark if you don't know the lore. My heart was actually racing the whole time during Thorns.

10 Week 5

I would've put this one higher if it wasn't for Winter Horrorland. The song does not fit the Christmas theme at all, and some of the words in the song are kind of inappropriate for younger kids.

Shadow The Hedgehog, ARE YOU OK? Fnf Is Strictly NOT For Kids, Ninjamuffin99 Has Clearly Stated That. And, Its MEANT To Not Fit.

The Contenders
11 Mid-Fight Masses

Ruv: "I'd say break a leg but I might end up breaking yours literally and I'm going to make this as painful as possible for you...and your little girlfriend."

Boyfriend: "!"

This mod is actually pretty good. Ruv is my favorite out of the two character because he got those hard beats

Shut the front door shadow

12 BFB

this mod replaces every fnf charactor with a bfb charactor I think it does a good job at it also I made the show so of course since me and kath played it - cary

if you had a childhood you would get this mod

best mod of all time no contest

bfb is the best show ever

13 Tricky

I saw Madness one and I decided I'm never going to try it.

Ah yes, the demon ear bleeding screeching clown.

14 Matt

never played wii sports but I heard it was just a internet meme but I don't know - cary

15 Sky

The part where Boyfriend speaks surprised me. This whole time he had been speaking in his beeping language. Now, he finally talks.

Girlfriend: *clearly there*

16 Zardy

"You know it's dangerous to be out here in the dark. But if you want a show, I'll give you a show." And he does. Foolhardy might be one of the hardest songs.

17 Tord

cool. bbpanzu is a great modder.

18 Salty Sunday Night

I'm sorry... do you mean Swag Jam Saturday? - Stakamakataka

actually it's a real mod

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