Friendliest Nationalities

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1 Canadian

Come up here. We will welcome you with open arms and cold beer!

2 American

Can't really tell if yanks are just naturally happy or if they just like to smile a lot... ? It's overbearing at first, but I liked it.

"Thank you! " and "Have a good day/evening! " are everywhere. No one wants to be unkind.

Take away the goverment, and the media, and actually visit both the US and Canada the people are actually pretty similar.

3 Japanese
4 French

How the heck is France 4th? 😂

5 Italian
6 Irish

In Ireland, people are always friendlyand helpful and they are always cheerful.

7 Egyptian
8 Moroccan
9 South African
10 Icelandic

The Contenders

11 Dutch
12 Norwegian
13 Swedish

Is this a joke? Swedes are some of the most self absorbed people I have ever met. It is delusional to hold them highly in any humanitarian category. - Wopwop

14 German
15 Serbian

I'm from Serbia, and I visit yearly, it's just that many people misunderstand Serbia for it's troubled politicians and recent history. Never judge a country by it's past.

16 Filipino

Friendly and hospitable people!

This people are very loving

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17 Finnish
18 Danish
19 Swiss
20 Austrian
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