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21 Czech
22 Nepalese

I have been to Nepal before to trek in the Annapurna range, and I loved the people there. My first impressions on Kathmandu weren't that great (street children, pollution, stray dogs, car horns and speeding motorcycles), but I liked the people. Very nice and helpful. After a few days in Kathmandu, I took a tourist coach bus for Pokhara, a major city near the Annapurna. The bustling crowds and the car horns of Kathmandu's were virtually nonexistent and everybody was so laid back. I encountered smaller villages in the Anna-Purna. Few people could speak English but people were hospitable and freindly all the same. This nationality should be #1.

Why is this not #1? Unless you are in Terai/Madesh (some of the dirtiest, cheapest, most arrogant people in the world here), Nepalese are very friendly and helpful people. Kathmandu has political problems, crime and riots, but the local Newar people are very nice. Pokhara is heaven on earth. Nice city, nice view and of course, the nicest people ever. Smaller and underdeveloped villages are so friendly. In fact, in som of the smaller villages, it is considered a CRIME to not let guests stay. They may not have a T.V. or an indoor toilet, but they will give you all they can. Visit Pokhara, or go trekking in the himalayas, and youll no what I'm talking about. Jaya Mahakali, ayo gorkhali!

23 English

Friendliest people are in the England

In my opinion they are very friendly

24 Spanish
25 Welsh
26 Scottish
27 Chinese
28 Russian
29 Ukrainian
30 Tamils

Hard to find but if you do the best in world

31 New Zealand New Zealand
32 Arab
33 Fijian
34 Australian
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