Top Ten Most Friendly and Clean Minecraft YouTubers

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1 Stampylonghead Joseph Garrett, known on YouTube as stampylonghead, is an English YouTuber who posts videos about the Sandbox Video Game Minecraft as the character Stampy.

I'm 9 and I love stampy he is so funny he makes me laugh all the time and he's so kid friendly just don't watch his old videos he swears in those but otherwise I love him

Very good role model for kids. Encourages creativity and kindness, while still talking about things kids enjoy or talk about! Only swore in his old videos.

Stamps is very child-friendly! I like him because he doesn't swear. (He used to swear in the older Lovely World videos but realised kids were watching and cut out swearing! )

He is very kid friendly and he doesn't try to ask for likes or do all the trending stuff he just does what he thinks is fun he even admitted in a bid that his Channel was dieing but he was still happy he is that passionate

2 PopularMMOs

He makes me happy when my parents are gone his videos are nice never swear only at epic proportions 1 2 3 but 4 5 6 7 8 he does not swear only what the hell or crazy

Unlike most of the you tubers on here, popularmmos has a style of humor that can entertain younger and older members of the minecraft community, instead of making childish comments to get 6 year old fans.

I love them! They have a style of humor although there clean. This is why if I want to see Minecraft videos I go to there Minecraft channel, I actually do it.

This channel doesn't swear as far as I am aware people shouldn't do good channels with swearing in them it just ruins it

3 ThinkNoodles

Think noodles is my absolute FAVORITE YouTube channel of the all! He is so kid friendly and he doesn't cuss at all. In one of his "ask think" videos he says himself that he wants to keep his channel family friendly, and he sure has kept his promise. His channel is hilarious and very entertaining. If you are looking for a kid friendly channel he's the one to check out.
Sincerely a 12 year old

Wait a sec... WHAT?!?! Think isn't in first place? This is wrong! You'll see what I mean when you watch one of his videos. He"s hilarious. Especially when he does parkour. He is the one who mostly got me addicted to Minecraft. He deserves WAY more subscribers!

Think is everyone's friend and always keeps his videos clean and fun. My favorite series is Thinks Lab because he does mods with his minions. I also like Fan Choice Friday where he asks his fans what game he should play like for example Happy Wheels.

Think belongs in 2nd place. It's a PERFECT spot for him. One of the biggest reasons I watch him because when he does parkour, you'll be laughing like CRAZY! I love that he barely curses. He only says "stupid" and "idiot". I HEART NOODLES!

4 DanTDM DiamondMinecart

Dan is second to think in my opinion. But being second is AWESOME!

He doesn't ever swear and is 100% kid friendly! His videos all have a plot and are funny and entertaining. He should be first by miles!

Haven't heard any bad words but 1 or 2 crap

I love danTDM one he is super kid friendly he used to say bad words but everybody has there slip ups from time to time that's probably why he is 2nd he doesn't say any bad words unless they are on a Minecraft adventure map but usually they are only crap damn or hell

5 iBallasticSquid

He used to swear when he didn't know kids were watching, but now he doesn't and he put an age lock on the older videos so you have to be a certain age in order to watch them. He's very kid-friendly and if there is any swearing in the chat menu when he's on a server, then he blurs it out or closes the menu.

I have NEVER heard him curse, but some people say he did in his old videos so I don't really know. He is awesome.

I am ten. He makes me laugh and tries to do what we will enjoy and enjoy's doing it.

Squid is a real inspiration to me, he is the reason I am a squid, love ya to squid!

6 L for Leeee

Lee really shouldn't be on here. He did something bad in real life. I mean, he still continues making videos but before watching him I would make sure that you are fine with your kid or yourself watching this guy.

I love lee and stampylongnose. Lee doesn't talk and he is very entertaining. He makes stampylongnose a cake every morning.

Shut up. He's in prison for something I don't even want to mention. An 80 year old, GOD YOU CREEP!

Have you guys heard L for lee is in jail for making a fake Facebook account on a 19 year olds iPhone posted in 2016

7 Aphmau

This channel has greatly improved in recent years. Her videos are high quality, and Aphmau even has a team that she and her husband put together to create a kid-friendly media output. Extremely old videos have cussing, but I wouldn't worry about children finding that stuff. Overall, one of my favorite YouTube channels, even though it revolves around Minecraft. Minecraft is just a platform for BluJayStudios to create content. Again, wonderful channel. I recommend any person (male or female, child or adult) to check it out.

Aphasia is awesome! I don't I've heard her cuss in any of her videos. She's hilarious and fun to watch with friends. From an 12 year old

She's only ever said crap and hell for cussing she is pretty kid friendly I love her channel and that is actually coming from a 10 year old. I have showed her channel to my little brother (he's 6 years old) and he thinks she's a VERY kid safe channel. Just don't look at her 2012-2014 videos she cussed in a few of them and don't watch her Yandere Simulator video because there is knifes and blood. But other than that she is a kid friendly channel.

I have to agree that Aphmau makes children giggle and happy, she also likes to contribute in other youtuber's channel. - RachelWolfGamer280

8 VenturianTale

Why is Venturiantale not #1? They have cursed TWICE, and the second time it was almost inaudible. They don't cuss, have good, clean humour, and all around know they have a young audience, and try to keep it in that range. Also, they are Christians, and the channel was started because the eldest thought YouTube didn't have enough child appropriate videos. Come on, guys!

VenturianTale deserves way more votes than this. THEY RARELY CURSE! They are one of the only 10 channels who are funny without cursing. Vote some more guys!

He's awesome and never cusses I'm 10 and I love his videos and he limits himself to crap and nothing else

They are the best YouTubers on all of YouTube and they deserve the #1 spot and I am only 11 and I think they are better than all the more popular YouTubers!

9 stacyplays

She is awesome and never cusses. In fact at one of the minefairs in 2019 I stood in line for a super long time but then I met her. My mom said in that she was so nice and when I say so nice I mean SO nice.

She is very kid friendly and she cares about people she doesn't try to get likes or to get famous she cares about what needs to be cared about like animals who needs homes or kids who needs toys she is great never cussed in any of her videos and she does play Minecraft but also she does blogs

She is the best go watch her she is so awesome in real life and as a YouTuber! Also she never swears!

Stacy's such a sweetheart :) I love her so much

10 SSundee

Ssundee is literally the best person! I like how he Limits profanity. All my friends watch him. YOU WATCH SSUNDEE, you LOVE SSUNDEE

He is a funny man with no cussing or swearing

He's funny and he's really good at Minecraft. To be honest I would not rank him 11. 11!

He is the best right now in 2015 he reached 6mill only bad word he says is crap

The Contenders

11 LdShadowLady Online as LDShadowLady or Lizzie, is an English YouTuber known for producing YouTube video content on her YouTube channel called LDShadowLady.

She's one of the few youtubers I enjoy. She has a way of knowing enough to not seem stupid, but not knowing just enough to make new discoveries interesting. I would put her way about aphmau

Yup Lizzie is fine, she's definitely child friendly. I love her she's awesome

Lizzie is Amazing. She rarely curses. I mean come on she lives in a Disney castle (on crazy craft) for Pete's sake.

I love lizzie she is awesome

12 PrestonPlayz

Preston is a great and funny person with lots of great Minecraft gaming videos, one of my favorite channels too. He doesn't swear on camera, but occasionally might say some inappropriate things, so for that reason I personally think he is 11+. Overall, a nice relaxing person to watch.

He does not deserve to be this far behind his content is great and he never swears on camera (not so sure about real life though)

He is he best doesn't swear and doesn't make childish jokes but can entertain people of all ages

Only really says cr*p and apart from that he is child-friendly

13 TheBajanCanadian

He is really good at Minecraft he never swears and is really funny.

Mitch does not curse he's awesome I once played hunger games with him on the nexus

He does not curse AND I am not deaf I did research and in fact, he USED to curse and realized his fans were young and immediately stopped his cursing.

Seriously I love mitch! He's awesome! But he should nottt be on this list. He swears al the time! I love he is awesome but should not be on this list. If you say he doesn't curse then you have hearing problems! HE CURSES ALL THE TIME!

Wow we don't have a problem with our hearing YOU DO! He never swears (except once a year or in a few others) but as far as I heard he is super clean! - venomouskillingmachine

14 EthosLab

Etho is very clear on the goal of his videos and doesn't spend all his time playing around like some other YouTubers. Plus, he has an amazing voice and puts a lot of effort into making his videos kid friendly and interesting

He has always been someone I can just listen to for hours. Something about his voice is just great. He has well put together content and will always be my number 1.

He is a great builder and I thing he one of the most artistic dudes ever!

Kid friendly and has no problem with redstone. He is very creative and is efficient.

15 paulsoaresjr

He never cusses, and he is family friendly. He even plays with his entire family!

He is awesome! His videos are fun, and he almost never curses

I love him so much! He should be in top ten! - RebeccaDarking

He is so nice and docent get mad

16 Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo makes awesome videos. No wonder why he got picked for hermitcraft.

Mumbo never, ever, ever swears. He just calls himself a spoon

Awesome videos and great guy.

Mumbo Jumbo is a legend and he never ever swears

17 ThnxCya

Really like his videos

Great videos best in the business

Thnxcya is very cool

He never swears. - Review

18 IHasCupquake

I love her she is so awesome

Tied with think and Stacy though

She is super clean, She is so sweet and friendly to everyone and deserves to be ranked higher!

She is more than bay she is my favorite YouTuber ever she is funny and she dows not swear

Ihascupquake is the best she never cursed before in any of her video and she is super funny

19 Itsfunneh

People make fun of me watching her, but she is enjoyable and a great person, she makes me laugh with her videos. My siblings say that she is annoying and screams a lot, but I say "You are wrong, she makes a 100% nice channel." I have never ever seen her swear in her sentences she says. - RachelWolfGamer280

SHE NEVER SAID A BAD WORD. SHE has NEVER cursed or swore I've watched all her videos for such a long time! She should be #1 place (PrestonPlayz #1)

It's funneh is amazing

Her first video was okay but she is 100% for kids

She never swears

she makes video with her siblings

i have been watching since I was 7 now I'm 10

Itsfunneh dose NOT swear I have watched most of her video's and she has never cursed or swore

20 Sqaishey Quack

I'm almost done with the sqaishey costume I just have to spray paint the shoes orange since my mom wont go to any more stores for my costume.

Squashy is kid friendly she absolutely adores animals she has a warm friendly smile she is absolutely funny she should be 1st on this list go check her out NOW!

Why is she at 64! She should be at 20 or higher. Lower? Whatever it is

Nicest person ever or duck I should say

21 GamingWithJen

She does not swear but I don't think she 's good and it is really hard for me to find youtubers I like that don't swear

Wow it really low I thought it would be higher then.2%. I really like her I watch her everyday

Hey Jen love your fall in holes experience

She's already on here...

22 MrWoofless

Neither him nor the pack cuss. He his super funny and I think (if you haven't already) you should check out his channel

Could the flower king really curse? ( the answer is no)

Never curses neither does anyone in the pack

#get a job he is funny

23 Supergirlygamer

Even though she's bad at the dropper doesn't mean she's not nice. She never swears

Basically popularmmos' wife who uploads once every three weeks. Has a new years resolution to do more

She is so pretty fun funny and cool

I think jen is really funny and is terrible at parkour and it is so funny watching her fail

24 Guava Juice

He swore in old videos. Also In his second channel he is not kid friendly - Review

He is my favorite youtuber

Guava Juice has so much respect. I mean he does say you know all that. subscribe on my youtube cherry wabbit I have 100 subs so ha

Awesome youtuber and is truly amazing at what he does and does "super little" to No swearing at all making him the perfect choice and he is so funny almost every minute I'm bursting out with laughter and when I pause the video to think about what he said was so funny I KEEP LAUGHING! HE IS AWESOME! :D

25 Yammy Xox

She has a wide variety of The Sims (2,3,4) and Minecraft. She also does do some flash games. She is very entertaining and funny. I think she would appeal to audiences 9+

Yammy xox never cursed in any of her videos she has a lot of funny and great series her videos are safe for kids to watch

Oh god almighty, how is yammy under PEWDIEPIE I don't believe this

I love yammy xox, she is one of the best youtubers!

26 Fgteev

I mean, they own kids and the kids are in the videos so they ARE SO kid friendly.

They are awesome and do not cuss at all

This should be higher on the list

I watch them a lot

27 Collins Key

Meh, kid-friendly but I think it is a bad influence in weird challenges... - RachelWolfGamer280

I never heard him swear before so it's alright to watch him!

He is amazing! His channel is the best.

28 Sethbling

Sethbling is a child-friendly, red stone genius

This guy may not really be your average Minecraft YouTuber but instead he's releasing new redstone contraptions here and there. A very creative person and I believe he hasn't cussed.. Like ever.

He is the dude with Redstone - chop612

Has he ever actually cussed?..

29 Graser10

He's usually clean and warns people, but he kills his friends so the "friendly" thing isn't accurate. (Although it's meant as a joke) he should be in the top 10

He is hilarious! He has so many awesome series going on!

I love him so so so much!

He uh... He cusses why is he on the "clean list"?

30 Jacksepticeye Seรกn William McLoughlin, born February 7, 1990, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs. His most popular series include Happy Wheels, Five Nights at Freddy''s and Fortnite.

Damon give him a break he's awesome

Not kid friendly - Review

He swears a lot but he is funny

I like him but he swears a lot in his videos

31 ExplodingTNT

He is good and funny and gives his best to keep his channel family friendly, but in some of his VERY OLD videos he did say some bad words and had some stuff kids may find disturbing. Only in a Minecraft way though, but since 2-3 months ago he only does kid friendly stuff to attract younger viewers. If you are young I suggest you DON'T WATCH his OLD videos because, as I said, some of them contain some not kid friendly stuff. However #PranksterGangstersNation.

He is not family friendly or clean. His videos show cursing and sex.

He doesn't say bad words the only time he needs to say bad words is for jokes and he doesn't mean to say them. But still, sometimes he puts censored stuff on.

Cursing isn't the only thing that decides if it is clean or not, I'd say that he is not clean.

32 Amy Lee Amy Lynn Hartzler, known professionally as Amy Lee, is an American singer-songwriter, classically trained pianist and composer. She is also the lead singer to the Arkansas band Evanescence.

First, the picture that matches this is someone from a band of some sort. Second, Amy is good for young kids but her videos are dull to older viewers.

How is Pewdiepie above her? She NEVER curses. Pewdiepie really is for 13+.

Amy lee never cursed in any of her videos and her videos are safe for kids to watch

She is super funny and nice and loves the outdoors. She never swears.

33 AshDubh

I agree! He is hilarious and should definitely be up the with squid

Why so low down he deserves to be up with squid

One of the funniest guys you'll ever meet.

He should be up with squid because the worst he says is "hell"

34 Prestonplays

Preston is kid friendly and really enjoyable! He inspires me a lot to the things I do like. He inspired me to make a Parkour map and I watch him everyday! I give anything just to watch him all day ( heart eye emoji)

Never curses and very family friendly

She never cusses - Review

Yes he is a great and clean YouTuber he dose not cuss & he's a Christian

35 PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, more.

How is he here? He has made sexual jokes before and swears ALL THE TIME! And take this next bit from someone who has been a fan for OVER FOUR YEARS! His videos started going downhill since 2014 and have been worse than ever recently. That is why I stopped watching his videos, and that is the main reason I like Markiplier instead.

He shouldn't be on this list in my opinion. The title is- "the top 10 most clean and friendly mine craft you tubers" Pewdiepie isn't clean at all. To get some hate out of people, I don't even like Felix. This is just my opinion, sorry if you don't like it.

He doesn't play Minecraft and swears about 500 times each video. He even put on a shock collar to make him stop swearing in his videos...

He doesn't deserve to be on here as he swear a lot and in my opinion isn't child friendly maybe for older kids but otherwise no

36 Vikkstar123



Vikk is amazing

Well I heard vikk swore once in x-run. But he's a pretty cool guy, likes to make jokes, nice to everyone, so yeah, he's pretty much the best!

37 Grian

Grian is one of my favorite YouTubers. He puts so much time and effort into his quality videos and in his recent videos he doesn't swear and is pretty much kid-friendly (not in a 'bad' way). However if you decide to watch his videos from over 2 years ago there will be some swearing.

Definitely! He says words like hell, crap, etc which are condemned in my school (For some stupid reason) but he says 'em all the time. His builds are impressive, even when he says they're "bad."

Grian is just a regular guy just like all of us. He is so casual and he should really have more of a fanbase.

Great builder, and unlike many youtubers on here, he tends to keep a relatively high vocabulary

38 Ibxtoycat

I Love his videos he does some cool tips and tricks kinda of videos and is super cool!

He deserves better and he is kid friendly and doesn't swear he is awesome

He is cuss free and he does cool videos

He is the best

39 ZackScottGames

Never causes

He is funny

40 Ashleymarreegaming

Please vote ล›he is wsome at parkour and pvp but she isn't as good as bajancanadian vikksatr123hd and woofles so also vote please al got messy right now oh no nobody will vote because of me so I will en d right here

41 BereghostGames

I like his kid's

Bereghostgames don't swear, he is kid friendly. Bere and his family play multiple of games. They are hilarious!

i love him

42 JackFrostMiner

He never swears I promise and even if something bad happens he never dose or says anything bad I think he's the most kid friendliest YouTuber ever please vote for him

Gen never cusses and plays MCPE (Pocket Edition)

43 CookieSwirlC

I love her videos I have never heard her swear she is so awesome!

Um, does she even play minecraft?

She is just so kid friendly

She is most she should be 1ST dude 40th place harsh

44 Skydoesminecraft be fair he was on like #16 before but I still think he should be at #1,000,000

I watch him he doesn't swear anymore only like 1 once every 3 videos

He may swear but he deserves to be higher

To be fair he's gotten better

45 SwimmingBird941

He used to be less clean, but has now cleaned his mouth out with soap and is swear and innuendo free.

Should not be on this list he swears a million in his videos he sometimes says both B words

He's very clean and never swears.

He doesnot swear and he is not rude and loves redstone

46 CraftingMods

They never cuss - Review


47 Matthias

He never EVER curses and has a lot of episodes for you to follow along as he plays in survival mode. He is one of my favorite YouTubers!

Matthias is the best YouTuber ever

I looove matthias he is probably the best youtuber EVER!

48 Kiingtong

He's really funny and sweet! He doesn't really swear but don't watch Outlast.

Kiingtong doesn't swear and is awesome.

He never swears - Review

Kiingtong is the best youtuber is funny and creative and he makes me so happy and the saddest day

49 Samgladiator

He does swear sometimes but at least his videos are funny he loves telling jokes!

He sometimes has a tendency to create unnecessary conflicts to extend series

He's rally funny and never swears

He is great and the creator of yandere high

50 SmallishBeans

He's Very Funny And I Like His Video Idea's

Great YouTuber! Never heard him curse! Extremely hilarious! Very friendly! Great guy! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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