Top Ten Most Friendly and Clean Minecraft YouTubers

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61 Antvenom

He played some scary games few times, but other than that he doesn't curse.

Pretty much never says bad words

He should be first and caveman films little swer but like only 1 video

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62 Zackscott

Zackscott does say swears but not many and is a good gamer for gamers

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63 Creeper Gaming
64 Matthias

He never EVER curses and has a lot of episodes for you to follow along as he plays in survival mode. He is one of my favorite YouTubers!

Matthias is the best YouTuber ever

I looove matthias he is probably the best youtuber EVER!

65 The Obsidian Olympian
66 Nigahiga Nigahiga

He does swear, but beeps them words out. Has over 16,000,000 subs and does hilarious stuff, including collabs with Miranda Sings and Smosh.


*COUGH* Name

He said f word once and says "slut" and "ass" but he is kid friendly - Review

67 MineForMyLife

He never cusses AT ALL, he goes to my school and is a very polite kid.

He is the poop emoji I hate him he is so boring also I've never heard of him I am going to stop typing now happy new year

68 Good Mythical Morning

Great youtubers, never swears, but sometimes makes jokes that are not child friendly

69 Grapeapplesauce

Cool and Chill guy who is great at pvp and funny at the same time.

I have never heard him swear before. He is also a decent PvPer

Great PvPer, he is not raging and swearing like retard Sky

Super nice and is great at pvp.

70 xXJemMaMXx

I think she is awesome because:1 she is the diamond minecart wife number two she has a nodded survival series laugh out loud

You are the best!

She is very nice just swears a tiny bit she only really says the S word


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71 ChimneySwift11

Chimney isn't much of a Minecraft YouTuber nowadays but he's uploading the occasional Minecraft video here and there.

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72 Bayani

Rarely swear and a really good builder!

73 MrPoonchee

He is literally my favorite YouTuber. He hasn't sweared even ONCE. I have been with him ever since he started YouTube good person :D

Well, he swears a little bit, he said "what the hell" in one of his hunger games episodes.

74 MMAPgaming

Never cursed except in episode 360 or something, but that was just ""

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76 ChopsGraphics

He dose not swear and he's me - chop612

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77 MrWilliamo

I'm gonna explain him in one word (it's gonna be a long one though) AMMMAZZZIINNNGGG

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78 Mineplex_official

Funny and never swears.

79 DeadloxMC

Deadlock is the best he is a really cool guy and doesn't cuss that much

He is not friendly but he said 1 day I will be kid friendly

Then you have serious hearing problems

80 TibblesGaming

He doesn't even do commentary, he just shows how to play IOS games.

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