Top Ten Most Friendly and Clean Minecraft YouTubers

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81 KermitplaysMINECRAFT

He is funny and sounds like KERMIT. plus he was in team crafted with sky at one point

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82 Orepros

Kid friendly and funny. There is nothing bad with his channel.

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83 shadypenguinn

Funny and Outgoing, but is always clean

84 CaptainSparklez

Why is Mitch up there but not Jordan? He is much cleaner than Bajancanadian! - Dawnstar

85 Bwheat Wheat
86 Lionmaker

I love Lionmaker I hate when YouTubers swear but he doesn't swear. He is just a bouncy lion that like fun and is super friendly!

Never swears (well, not that I know of) very child friendly.

He's never sweared in any of his videos he never even almost swear he's only trying to bring people together

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87 Frithgar

Never swears, entertaining videos that he does with his wife Senleya. He states on his bio that he keeps it all clean for the whole family, plus he's awesome!

88 PresHD

He plays other games for people who don't like Minecraft and makes his own graphics!

Never swears plays and Minecraft he's a great YouTuber if someone in his video swears he bleeps it out

89 ZexyZek

He stopped his trolling videos and does not let people hear the rude words

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90 ChocoTurkey
91 ChocoTurkey

A great starting off YouTuber who doesn't cuss and makes lots of Minecraft videos

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92 ChooChoosGaming

He never swears only in his older Lepra Play series he is child friendly and he is Irish

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93 NitroLukeDX

He is cuss free and he does adventures

Nitro Luke is very good at doing videos on Minecraft fnaf hide a new seek

94 TheGamingLemon
95 IceKool
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97 CavemanFilms
98 ExplodingTNT

He is good and funny and gives his best to keep his channel family friendly, but in some of his VERY OLD videos he did say some bad words and had some stuff kids may find disturbing. Only in a Minecraft way though, but since 2-3 months ago he only does kid friendly stuff to attract younger viewers. If you are young I suggest you DON'T WATCH his OLD videos because, as I said, some of them contain some not kid friendly stuff. However #PranksterGangstersNation.

He is not family friendly or clean. His videos show cursing and sex.

He doesn't say bad words the only time he needs to say bad words is for jokes and he doesn't mean to say them. But still, sometimes he puts censored stuff on.

He never swears he doesn't talk really either no he makes it so you have to read smart

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