Most Frightening Console Sounds

Many consoles today may not have much of an intro startup, but back then there have been some pretty traumatizing sounds that we remember to this day that put us in a dark corner in our lives. Things sounds are so frightening that give you some sort of chills down your spine.

The Top Ten

1 Fearful Harmony - PlayStation

This is what I heard in my nightmares

This is something that had to be an influence to creepypasta like stuff because insert any prated thing onto the console, and your for a real screwed up treat. The console starts up normal like that last one, but what makes this one so unique so creepy, so frightening is when you get to the PlayStation logo and immediately your going like what the heck is that? Wait just a bit a little sound comes in real peaceful, gets a little lower seconds later, and then finally the sounds becomes a deathtrap to the ear as you turn that off regretting that sounds power over you is just beyond screwed up, but I get the purpose of it. Yet this is Sony that's known for creating some scary thing in the past like commercials for example. - htoutlaws2012

2 Ambient Audio Clips - Original Xbox

These can be found in the original Xbox's menu, and these were chilling at the time back when I was younger I'm like what is that sign. Is my Xbox saying ''DIE HUMAN! '' it makes me wonder that Microsoft must have found this on the planet Uranus, but no there real reason for putting these weird sounds into the system was to make it feel like it was from outta this world like I said, but also they were modified of NASA transmissions.

One time when I was like 6 I got up early to play Lego Star Wars, but when I heard that noise on the menu, I was scared.

3 The Sound of Death - Wii

Oh dear me this sound is probably the only on the list that does not appear in the main menu whether after awhile playing any Wii game this annoying sound would play as your ears are getting absolutely destroyed. The sound is so irritating to the point alright I get it the game is froze why do that Nintendo? - htoutlaws2012

4 Guitar Riffs - Sega CD

What was Sega even thinking putting this and the 32X add on late in its run. The voice is fine, but after the second warning is where this gets pretty Frightening, and also kinda funny to laugh at now is when the riffs play so terribly butchered in the disc as your being told the same words, and that sound is just one of those strange things to put in a warning disc. - htoutlaws2012

5 Holding Buttons A, B, L, & R - Gamecube

The Gamecube may look very appealing, but when you hit these 4 buttons oh god the unnerving sound alone give this a top 5 push, and you listen to it for a good 2 to 4 seconds. After those quick few seconds your like thank god that was over, but this is not the last Nintendo sound left on the list. Seriously it sounds like a bad phone signal modified to frightening kids intentionally. - htoutlaws2012

6 Personified Fear - PlayStation

This classic gem where if you didn't take care of your discs this sounds would pop up with a soul to take with it. It starts up normal, but when the screen slowly turns black the logo does not appear, and then you realized well there be a jump scare right afterwards luckily there was not because if there was oh god this would be in the top 3. - htoutlaws2012

7 Cartridge Tilt - Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Here's a hidden trick you may wanna pull off for yourself if you wish, but if you tilt it the SNES freaks out with a bunch of uneasy noises. There are more Nintendo related noises that are more annoying than this one. - htoutlaws2012

8 Multi Language - Sega Dreamcast

This one is kinda cringy, but gets very frightening when it starts playing all these different languages in which make you feel uneasy with its quality of sound. - htoutlaws2012

9 Red Screen of Death - PlayStation 2

Everybody has seen this one, but to be honest the only thing frightening thing is the red screen itself. The only time the sound plays is this very low pitch soft sound that isn't that bad like another makes it out to be. If anything it makes you very angry because if that game you wanted to play didn't work that screen would always appear as if the grim reaper has taken you game with it's life. - htoutlaws2012

10 Game Disc Warning - Sega Dreamcast

This one is not too bad, the sounds is not that frightening, but its more less annoying to get to a screen where you see the disc menu pretty much. Yet it plays all these different game discs that you own, and they tell you the errors to them which is weird. - htoutlaws2012

The Contenders

11 Overheating Console Hum - Xbox 360

This was terrifying at first, it sounded like my console was going to implode like a star... I was out so I just punched the power button so it would go bye-bye!

Yeah I've heard this a bit with the updated console, and it may sound loud, and a bit intimating it's not like what the original Xbox dispatched inside that makes you wonder if it came from the 7th planet. - htoutlaws2012

12 The Horn of Death - Wii U

It happened to my Wii U.

This is a very rare error, and can only happen if you litarrilly shake the wii and stackit on a pile of firewood

13 Removing cartridges - GBA

Whatever you do, do not remove gba cartridges.

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