Browsing YTV V Sounds From Gaming Consoles That Spooked Us As Kids

Have you ever felt the verge of you're console maybe haunted? Well I this because of these terrifying sounds that you have most likely remember or not.

#5 Sega CD's warning (bizarre riffs): Did anybody back in the 90's ever do this though? Sure it can annoy or intimidate a kid, but the exposure to this is for some odd reason you insert a CD disc onto something it should would warn you of nightmare fuel. ''Warning this disc may harm the audio quality'' proceeds by horridly tuned guitar riffs.

#4 Fearful Harmony - PlayStation: Sony's PlayStation 1 is most memorable for having the greatest boot up screen, however there are actual frightening sounds that Sony has produced personally this one takes the cake, and this was way before creepypastas. Seriously it acts normal until it is glitchy due to inserting a pirated disc holy hell that sound is the worst what other could possibly be worse than this?

#3 Personified Fear - PlayStation: Okay this one I actually did hear before maybe once or twice. While it a little terrifying in terms of the volume audio going from high pitch to low in just seconds, this would more justified if a jump scare was put in which there was not just dark pitch black.

#2 Red Screen of Death - PlayStation 2: So three out of five so far are all Sony ha why should I not be surprised, anyways here's one I highly doubt would not be in my top 5. I mean sound to me is low at best, and has that moody depressed sound then of what Fearful Harmony was, in fact this is the most common error screen for many people. If anything the gamer kept getting frustrated by fixing the game disc over and over.

#1 Ambient NASA like sounds - Original XBOX: Microsoft takes first place huh... in this case definitely can see the case I mean listening to this again does give me chills as if we are on another planet that isn't Earth. Any person could feel a reaction with these sounds like they should of been in an Alien film for instance that would fit right not in a game console.

Once the video ended I immediately tried to think of many other spooky like sounds that I fought maybe should be on the list just by mention. Let's start by chronological order in terms of when these happened. Tilting the Cartridge of the SNES in which if you did this while not as annoying as other Nintendo sounds it was the earliest example to throw out there for those who may not recall this one. There are two from the Sega Dreamcast that are worth considering maybe not highly, but still the Multi Language Audio one is a bit cringy, but a little bit of spooky. The Game Warning Disc for the Dreamcast is actually pretty hilarious compared to what the CD did with its riffs sound. Here they pretty much tell you horrific things, but the one narrating makes you not what to stop listening. Then I have 2 more to mention that are those that are spooky qualified, and that would be on the the Gamecube if you hold buttons A, B, L & R you would get this electric shock like sound followed by dialing phone numbers incredibly out of place for a boot-up screen audio. Lastly probably a forgotten sound, but on the Wii after playing too much of a generic video game your game gets frozen, and Nintendo added this irritating, and yet spooky sound that is the equivalent to what listening to car alarm are like is the best way I can put it its just that type of annoyance. Overall fine list, but way too much Sony for one. That is all for now until next time!