Best Frou Frou Songs

Very amazing duo with the one and only Imogen heap. This is a fresh new look at the alternative and indie pop/rock genre.

The Top Ten

1 Psychobabble

Very different and origanal song. Eerie and jumpy song at both same times.

2 Deal With It

Very emotional song with a slow steady beat. Imogen gradually hits very high and impossible notes.

3 A New Kind of Love

Loud and fast bass throughout song. Imogen seems to pour her heart out into this amazing song.

4 Hear Me Out

Very dreamy like and electronic feel to the song. Very nice example of pure house music.

5 Holding Out for a Hero

Very serious fast pace song about love. Desperate and beutiful lyric meaning. You might remember this song from the disney major motion picture shrek.

6 Let Go V 1 Comment
7 Breathe In

Classic guitar staring. Wonderful and amazing song.

8 Shh

Very good song to listen to to get you pumped for the day. Wonderful beat and great acoustics.

9 Must Be Dreaming
10 It's Good to Be In Love

Deep slow base with a hushed series of vocals. Amazing deep lyrics. One of frou frous best songs.

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