Best Frou Frou Songs

Very amazing duo with the one and only Imogen heap. This is a fresh new look at the alternative and indie pop/rock genre.

The Top Ten

1 Psychobabble

Very different and origanal song. Eerie and jumpy song at both same times.

2 Deal With It

Very emotional song with a slow steady beat. Imogen gradually hits very high and impossible notes.

3 Let Go

Very advance vocals with a slw dreamy like quality feel to it.

4 A New Kind of Love

Loud and fast bass throughout song. Imogen seems to pour her heart out into this amazing song.

5 Hear Me Out

Very dreamy like and electronic feel to the song. Very nice example of pure house music.

6 Holding Out for a Hero

Very serious fast pace song about love. Desperate and beutiful lyric meaning. You might remember this song from the disney major motion picture shrek.

7 Breathe In

Classic guitar staring. Wonderful and amazing song.

8 Must Be Dreaming

I heard this song when I was about 12 years old and I have been obsessed with it since. I absolutely love frou frou's sound and I really think she deserves more credit as an artist. although her original name is imogen heap, she is well known with that name.

Her most fast pace song in her career. Good fora night in the town. Very origanal for frou frou.

9 Shh

Very good song to listen to to get you pumped for the day. Wonderful beat and great acoustics.

10 It's Good to Be In Love

Deep slow base with a hushed series of vocals. Amazing deep lyrics. One of frou frous best songs.

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