Top Ten Frozen Characters That Should Get Their Own Spin-Off Film

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1 Queen Elsa Queen Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

But there are also still a lot of any other likable things about Elsa too besides other than only just her ice magic powers, her looks and even her queen status, aren't there? She was a character written to be misunderstood, wasn't she? The script writers and producers certainly succeeded, didn't they? I don't care if someone can manipulate snow and ice, I've seen several people do it in fiction, *scoff* I really don't get why people make such a BIG DEAL about Queen Elsa! However, I just wish she had more screen time in the movie, Frozen. After all, Frozen is based on THE SNOW QUEEN, isn't it? I also still think Disney should've tried harder to do a movie about 'The Snow Queen too.' Elsa's still mortal so she's still as normal as a person in terms of durability but come on, there are also still a lot of any other special things about her too other than only just her ice powers, aren't there? My biggest main complaint about Frozen is that Elsa the Snow Princess/Queen didn't/doesn't ...more

I'm glad you put her on this list because she didn't get enough screen time at all, did she? Ugh, those creators of Frozen made any of us feel that they really hated her canon character. We really deserve to learn much more about her no matter what. I'm sorry if only that stupid Grand Pabbie and her parents really showed her love in canon, showed her how to embrace not only just her powers but also herself for who she really is and born to be and fix and solve any of her problems, then she wouldn't get stuck isolated in Aren-delle for a long time at all nor banish herself from Aren-delle at all either. I'm still having a really hard time forgiving the fact that she just had to be seen as a monster and a freak after her powers were exposed in public. Ugh, those creators of Frozen were so cruel, unfair and relentless and they deserved all the grudges against them for that. Frozen would've been better if Elsa always gets to use her ice magic powers all the time in canon. There are also ...more

Her parents decided to lock their little girl and neither of them allowed her to have any contact with anybody else, not even let her out of her room at all either. I don't know why the hell neither of them came up with another BETTER idea, I understand Elsa very well. I only make them understand, that neither of them WERE GOOD PARENTS, AND THAT NEITHER OF THEM HAVE TO MAKE POOR ELSA MISS THEIR FUNERAL CEREMONY. Neither of them deserved to be Elsa's parents at all, did they?

Elsa The Snow Queen really should've been the title, not Frozen!

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2 Princess Anna
3 The Duke of Weselton
4 Prince Hans Prince Hans

I don't think he's a very strong villain at all.

I wish he wasn't the big bad canon villain, it should've been that insufferable duke of Weselton, not him!

Great, just what we need, another prince charmless who's only just used nothing but as an excuse for two so called sisters, Elsa and Anna to make up with each other…. Hans sure seems like such a nice guy, doesn't he? But then he just suddenly turns bad. Seems like years of being overshadowed by his big older brothers haven't done him that much good at all..., doesn't it?

5 Kristoff Kristoff Kristoff Bjorgman is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated feature Frozen.
6 Anna and Elsa's Dad
7 Marshmallow

The same giant snowman who really should've been there for Elsa in canon too.

Poor Marshmallow should've been number three, not that insufferable duke of Weselton!

8 Oaken
9 Olaf Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Those creators, directors, filmmakers and writers of Frozen could've at least had Olaf be created in Elsa's early childbirth infancy and become one of Elsa's other long time childhood friends in canon; maybe he could've at least been fairly portrayed to be the one to make Elsa realize that she can actually control her powers if she really puts her mind to it which it would've made Frozen a more believable, better, more classical film than ever but no, instead they just unfairly had to keep poor Olaf as this 1D not-so-funny character who doesn't easily really contribute anything to the Frozen movie at all, other than only just poor visual gags and a crappy song that doesn't need to be in the Frozen movie to move the plot along any so we're all forcefully expected to believe that Elsa who originally feared her own ice magic powers inexplicably enjoyed using them when the Frozen movie was over anyway. Those creators of Frozen were nothing but just rather lazy bums anyway.

Poor Olaf should've been number two, not Anna!

10 Anna and Elsa's Mom
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