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1 Queen Elsa Queen Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

WHY DID YOU PUT THE BEAUTIFUL QUEEN ELSA IN THIS LIST?!?!?! SHE'S THE BEST CHARACTER EVER AND IF SHE'S REAL AND IF SHE SEES THIS, THEN SHE WILL CRY! YOU MEANIES SHOULD GET SOUP POURED TO YOU FOR HATING QUEEN ELSA! There are also still a lot of any other likable things about Elsa too besides other than only just her ice magic powers, her looks and even her queen status, aren't there? Elsa was a character written to be misunderstood. The script writers and producers certainly succeeded. I don't care if someone can manipulate snow and ice, I've seen several people do it in fiction, *scoff* I really don't get why people make such a BIG DEAL about Queen Elsa! However, I still think Disney should've tried harder to do a movie about 'The Snow Queen.' My biggest main complaint about Frozen is that Elsa the Snow Princess/Queen didn't/doesn't always get to use her ice magic powers all the time enough at all. The "Let It Go" sequence was the highlight for me. I still always wanted to see Elsa do ...more

Elsa chose not to live free for the sake of safety so she chose to isolate herself from the outside world instead. Stupid Grand Pabbie should've actually been more clear with how Elsa needed to control her abilities and stopped her father from going through with his isolation plan back then before in canon. Plus, her parents should've correctly showed Elsa how to love, accept and embrace not only just her ice magical powers but also be herself for who she really was actually born to be by properly providing Elsa with more brilliant advice and better guidance as to how to keep her ice magical powers under her control and not let them be unleashed by accident at all which it would've helped Elsa become more opened to the others and the whole entire world around her.

So I saw the Frozen christmas special (on T.V.) and of course, all the scenes with Elsa were great, and all her singing parts were as beautiful as she looked in her sparkling new dress. Seriously, an animated character should not be this gorgeous. But the rest of it was bad, and mostly because of that pain in the butt who unfortunately happens to be her sister. I HATE that Anna so much! That Anna's incredibly annoying and irritating. Even worse, she was all over the first Frozen canon movie! There was more of that Anna than poor Elsa! I guess Elsa The Snow Queen really should've been given the canon title instead of Frozen and still deserves better than that Anna.

Igloos should've been shown in Frozen.

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2 Princess Anna

Sure Anna doesn't have an interesting story like Elsa's, but they should blame the creators of Frozen for not giving any of us a more interesting story other than Anna falling in love with a prince, Hans and finding her sister, Elsa. I blame the creators for not paying attention to Anna though. They worked so hard to change Elsa from a evil queen to a misunderstood lady. They turned Anna into a selfish, dimwitted bimbo in the final cut instead of of a witty, brave, selfless heroine they originally intended.

Yes she seems stupid. She had almost nowhere to go as a child, so she's not going to be that wise. She got a man. So what? I am not as big as an Anna fan as I was when I got this account, but nobody who complains about her EVER has a good reason. - AnnaOfArendelle332

She's the quirky princess, quirky but not dumb or annoying

3 The Duke of Weselton
4 Oaken
5 Kristoff Kristoff Kristoff Bjorgman is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated feature Frozen.
6 Anna and Elsa's Parents
7 The Duke of Weselton's Henchmen
8 Marshmallow

He is so ugly

9 Prince Hans Prince Hans
10 Sven

The wolves did nothing bad and had to survive. Understand some kids love wolves and will shove a chisel up your butt!

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