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1 Elsa Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

I actually can't decide when it comes to Anna and Elsa because I think they are both great. But what makes Elsa so great to me isn't just her dress, her ice powers or her independence. What makes her so amazing is what she does for her sister. I mean, yes, it's Anna who saves Elsa and helps her control her powers, but I think just as Anna is willing to die for Elsa, Elsa would be willing to do the same for Anna. It was very hard for her to hide all these years, she saw how much it hurt Anna, but she knew, or rather thought, that if she'd interact with Anna again, she would hurt her again. And as we all can see, there is nothing more important to Elsa than Anna. For Elsa, the worst thing that could happen to her is to loose her sister, but if it means that Anna is safe and okay, Elsa is willing to do just that.

But the moment when Elsa is the most terrified in the whole movie is, when Anna turns to ice. The moment when Elsa turns around and sees what has happened to her sister ...more

If you can't decide between Anna and Elsa, I think Anna is better. She risked her life to save Elsa. In return, Elsa gave her a frozen head and heart! - Oliveleaf

Elsa deserves to have the most respect over all the characters. Why? People keep saying she did nothing at all, and stuff, while she was the reason FROZEN came to be so popular. Beside her Ice powers, Elsa gave up on being like normal people, not speaking to anyone, not even her own sister, she didn't want to have any connection with anybody because she never wanted to hurt anyone. She's chosen her sister, the whole world, over herself. Anna is one of my favorites too, I mean she even was willing to sacrifice herself for her sister too, but she was just a normal happy, optimistic girl. I mean, any sister would be willing to do that for her sister. I'm not saying it's a minor thing, but overall, Elsa has suffered the most in the movie, and because she didn't want to hurt anybody. She deserves to be on top.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle she is perfect! She is probably the first Disney Princess that needs no man. Princess Anna of Arendelle, Elsa's sister, seems to obsess over love. Elsa is also, one of the different Disney Princesses. All of the Disney Princesses were neglected and did something to solve the issue, Elsa, on the other hand is selfless, and took herself away from the people she loved; she feared that she would hurt them with her ice and snow powers. She has emotion, she has a story, she has beauty. Queen Elsa is unique and smart, she has more of a evil side a bit too. She's fierce and knows what is right for her, she doesn't sit there thinking she'll do it, she DOES IT! She is inspirational to other girls out there. She has emotions, most Disney Princesses are either happy or sad, she has emotions all in one and is realistic character. Elsa is just amazing and gorgeous, quite a amazing character Disney develop. Unfortunately, most of Elsa's fans just love (envy) her because of ...more - Asuna_Yuuki

Actually she does sit there thinking shell do it. She just sits in her castle - SammySpore

Elsa is just SOOO much better than the rest of the characters. She stood out like a sore thumb even with her limited appearance. She's the main reason other than "Let It Go" that Frozen became such a phenomenon in both US and around the world, especially Japan and Korea. Without her, Frozen wouldn't even reached Tangled's popularity considering Tangled is actually the better movie of the two, much less the highest grossing animated movie ever. Olaf is likable and all, but he's just the same old funny sidekick characters. Elsa on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air who restored my faith for the tired characterizations of Disney Princesses as a whole. For once, a Disney princess actually managed to amaze me. Take note Disney, this is one Princess/Queen that you shouldn't let go if you like money. Please make Frozen 2, focus on Elsa, she's a deep character who deserves so much more, and please make it better than the first. I would be grateful forever.

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2 Anna Anna Princess Anna of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

Ok... HOW IS ELSA ON TOP? She basically did nothing for me in the movie! Anna on the other hand is the REASON Elsa away able to control her powers... People just like Elsa because of her ice dress and pretty hair! All Elsa did was be sad, almost kill her sister twice and freeze her kingdom and DON'T even give a damn about it and flee to make her own ice castle and kick her sister out of the castle by making a huge harmful snowman and not even comin to her aid after KNOWING she stroked her on the heart! Elsa doesn't even attend her own parents funeral! How is that girl on top!

Anna on the other hand had to live a hard life like Elsa. She was ignored by her sister without knowing why and still loved her to DEATH (literally) Anna sacrifices herself to save the life of the sister she never knew (and a sister who three her out of the castle mercilessly! ) Anna believes Elsa can thaw the kingdom and bring it back to normal. She's brave and doesn't need superpowers to save herself... ...more

Princess Anna of Arendelle is seriously underrated. She is brave, kind, determined and inspirational. She might be obsessive with love and made a few mistakes (like Hans), but she learned from them. Everyone loves Elsa... And they aren't many Anna fans out there. Anna's haters say that she made the whole Elsa stuff happen, when in reality, she didn't. Princess Anna wanted to hang out with her sibling, imagine you, and you never saw your sibling and you had to be separated? Anna didn't know that Elsa had powers, and Princess Anna wanted to know why Elsa couldn't be with her, and she wanted to be with her sister. It wasn't her fault. Anna took responsibility and went to save Queen Elsa, but Queen Elsa denied it, Anna must have felt heartbroken when she went on that quest, only to be denied. I actually like Princess Anna of Arendelle, she is a awesome character, just because she doesn't have powers like her sister doesn't mean she isn't awesome. - Asuna_Yuuki

I love all of the characters so much, but Anna is just hands-down the best! Don't get me wrong, I love Elsa, but I think Anna is the main character, I love Olaf but Anna is the funniest, and I love the duke of weaseltown but Anna is a WAY better dancer! I also love Kristoff, Hans and Sven but nobody tops Anna. Also I just want to point out that Elsa and Anna were both ROBBED of their childhoods by their parents' deaths and Elsa's powers, not that that has anything to do with Anna being my favorite.

Anna is the most well rounded character in Frozen, hands down. Not only is her character well thought out but her animation is superb. Look at all the little things that are so subtle, like her clumsy swat in the face with the curtain rope, her little hop to reach down and rub her foot after dancing with the chicken with the face of a monkey. Pay attention to those little things and you'll see how much they make her character... More! Her quick wit, "excuse me, sir, but he is a prince! ", and "whoa that was like a crazy trust fall exercise". Watch for those small things and more and you'll see she is way better than any other character in Frozen. I mean, she's also the hero or heroine if you will. How can Elsa compare? Hands down Anna wins, Sven comes in second.

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3 Olaf Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Use blowtorch on olaf

Olaf is the comic relief in the movie FROZEN. If you listen closely, Olaf sounds like "Oh Laugh! " Anyway, I like Olaf and he's my second favorite character because he's funny. He's unique, have you ever met a snowman that wants to experience summer? No, and I'm not sure if other movies have this. Olaf has one quote, which is one of the most famous FROZEN quotes "Some people are worth melting for."
I always laugh at Olaf, quite simply a compassionate funny character, without Olaf, FROZEN would actually be different, it's hard to imagine, but it's true! - Asuna_Yuuki

He turns me on!

Where would we be without Olaf in this movie? There would be no "DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN? " That was one of Anna's only memories of Elsa before Elsa got locked away in her room all isolated. Olaf is funny and cheerful and he made me laugh and he is one of the best characters besides Elsa and Kristoff.

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4 Duke of Weselton Duke of Weselton


Why don't more people love this guy? He was the best character by far! People probably only like Elsa, Anna, and Hans for their looks which is understandable, but they aren't nearly as good as the duke of Weselton! - trsryryryry

He's the best character in Frozen by far. He is comedy gold. Why isn't he number 1? He's way funnier than the snowman.

He was funny when they said it was weasel town when it is weselton. laugh out loud olaf is funny too - Midnight_Dream

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5 Prince Hans Prince Hans

I love Hans. Just because he was evil, doesn't mean he's a terrible character. His attitude was terrible but he was smart and interesting. He wasn't a poorly written character! I thought he was awesome. He's not in my top 10 favorite Disney villains, but he's still cool. He would probably be in my top 35. - TheShawshankRedemptionfan321

Disney villains, especially Hans, are so unloved, it's time we show them a little love.
Hans has to be my favorite character in frozen. He's so interesting, evil, intelligent, and manipulative. He tricked Anna into marrying him and nearly killed Elsa. At least he has a reason, because he was 13th in line in his own kingdom.
Anyway, please stop hating so much on Hans and give him a little more respect.

No Hans is the worst

Hans is the most interesting character in the whole film. He had me fooled until the end of the movie. Hans and the Troll lady are the best in the film.

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6 Kristoff Kristoff Kristoff Bjorgman is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated feature Frozen.

I vote Kristoff because he rocks. I'm a guy, and I thought Frozen was just another girlie princess movie that I was forced to watch with my sister. I ended up liking the movie because of Kristoff. I hated Hans so bad. At first I didn't like him because he said all men eat their boogers. THAT IS SO WRONG! I mean, not all men eat their boogers. Seriously. I don't think any men do that. I ended up liking him because he owns Sven who is an awesome reindeer, and he loved Anna even though Anna was too plain dumb and liked Hans instead and Hans almost killed Anna and Elsa. So YEAH. Kristoff is THE BEST! STILL! Hans stinks.

Kristoff is sarcastic is’t head over heals for the princess and is smart! Kristoff works hard and is annoyed when a princess who has no idea what she is song demand that he take her someplace he doesn’t want to go! Go Kristoff

Kristoff is amazing. If it weren't for him, Anna would be dead right now. He lost his amazing sleigh, rode to the north mountain, returned Anna to Arendelle when she had a frozen heart, and then ran back when he saw it was very frozen there. He risked his life and lost a lot to help someone he had just met. His thing with the reindeer is a little outside of nature's laws, of course, but his relationship with Sven is really funny. Kristoff is the best. - Gocubs25

Kristoff does a lot for just someone that HE had just met. Though he did grow to love Anna throughout their whole experience. He was mildly upset when Anna froze. He is so scared of Elsa the way she was when they went to the ice castle. Though he loves working ice with his raindeer Sven and saw Anna when they were small babies.

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7 King of Arendelle

I don't know much about him, but yeah, when Elsa grows up, I can see how thoughtless and selfish she is! And Anna is crazy and silly. How did he teach his children when they were small?

This film was very beautiful

How is he even on the list? He doesn't exactly abuse Elsa, but he is not a good parent. Yes, he seeks help for Anna from the trolls, but then he doesn't even listen to them! Fear is Elsa's enemy? Great, let's lock her in her room and make her scared of herself.

He neglected his daughter. He locked her in a room and basically ruined her childhood. He tried to make her control her powers and failed terribly. Good thing he died on a boat.

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8 Queen of Arendelle

She was very pretty. - rare

She didn't deserve to be killed off at all either.

Well she isn't the best charecter.. she was a good parent though

How is locking your child up in isolation a good parent?

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9 Marshmallow

Frankly, Frozen has no good character, except Marshmallow. He doesn't want to kill Anna, but that annoying girl keeps teasing him.

I hated this movie. It was terrible. Marshmallow was the only good part because he was beating up Anna and Kristoff until he fell off the cliff. Poor Marshmallow, you were the only good snow monster. Way better than Olaf.

Oh how I hate marshmallow! I wanted to stab him! Right after I stab Elsa!

Olaf named him that it's not his real name

If u like marshmallow so much, u never should have watched frozen in the first place.

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10 Sven

The second funniest behind Olaf - FrankP

Sven wins by FAR. Animals are always my favorite characters in Disney films. He's so amusing, funny, and a well-made character by Disney. Without him, I would not watch Frozen.

I love the funny faces he makes - istooduptoabully

Sven is awesome and so funny but I love all of the other characters too

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11 Oaken

Yoo hoo, big summer blowout

Oaken was NOT the funniest character in Frozen. The duke of Weselton is the funniest character! - trsryryryry

Why is Oaken higher than Hans and the duke? He was only in one scene! Hans and the duke were the best parts of Frozen!

Lol he's so funny

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12 The Duke's Henchmen #1

The Duke's bodyguards express true loyalty to one another, and a willingness to do what they have to under pressure. When commanded to go after what they have every reason to believe is an ice with with limitless power, they go in ready for whatever happens to them. The two work in harmony and make for swift operators when attempting to assassinate Elsa, when one is pressed against a wall he looks death in the eye and grits his teeth, hopeful that his comrade will complete the mission even if they both die. In my eyes, they express less loyalty to the Duke and more to one-another and their mutual belief that they are saving the world.

The duke's bodyguards should be higher on the list! - Weasltown

This guy is cool! - Weasltown

13 Irish Dignitary
14 Spanish Dignitary

The dignitaries should be higher on the list! - Weasltown

15 The Duke's Henchmen #2

This guy is cool! - Weasltown

16 Hans
17 Unnamed Kid Who Complained About Having to Dress Fancy


Everyone I watch this movie and hear him, I always laugh. I don't care what other people think because the movie wouldn't be the same without him.

Best character ever

He is just like me! - Tuana123

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18 German Dignitary
19 Princess Rapunzel

I just love how she randomly appears in Frozen.

She had a cameo in the film.

She wasn't my favorite but I did notice her and I love princess rupunzel so much in the movie "Tangled". So I thought it was really cool to her in a smidge of Frozen

She is not in the movie

20 Kid Anna

She is so cute and funny I adore her why is she not first

She and elsa babies are so cute yaar.. I love the cuties

Cute. She is so cute and funny.

She is so cute! I adore her.

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21 Princess Anna's Horse

I think his butt sags to mucc

22 Baby Troll

That little guy is ADORABLE!

I think they are cute but I do not know what the other person is talking about.

The trolls are stupid pathetic annoying dumb unfunny horrible terrible

23 Kai the Butler

He was only in there for 2 seconds! Why is he even on here?

He was in the film for more than 2 seconds! - Weasltown

24 Kid Sven

Sven is so cute! He makes a good
BFF to Olaf.

25 Grand Pabbie

The doctor who tried to save cutie anna

26 French Dignitary
27 Bulda

Bulda is one of the trolls.

Who is this guy?!?

I don't know him..

28 Anna and Elsa's dad
29 Gerda the Maid
30 Kid Elsa

She wasn't my favorite but she did make the story get into place, showing what she did with her ice powers and how the story started. Which I think is very important. Also she was very pretty and I loved the way she never wanted to hurt her sister unlike other families in the world

She is so cute. Can I believe how cute she is!

Kid Elsa should've been negatively influenced the Nordic king's (The Trolden Glass the Norse mythical tale legend only just being mentioned in the show, Once Upon A Time) spell in the movie, Frozen back then before just like Kai was influenced by the original, titular main snow queen's spell in the original fairytale story, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. She also should've been kidnapped by the Nordic king himself from The Trolden Glass the Norse mythical tale legend (the one who was only just being mentioned in the show, Once Upon A Time) by being taken away from Aren-delle for her ice powers in the movie, Frozen back then before just like Kai was kidnapped by the original, titular snow queen herself in the original fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.

Elsa was so cute

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31 Kid Kristoff

I got this part in a play

He Is the beat

32 Anna and Elsa's mom

Its anna's mom not elsa's mom!


33 Snowgies
34 Sitron

He is Prince Hans' horse.

He was Prince Hans' horse.

35 Prince Flynn Rider

He had a cameo in the film.

I loved his cameo!

36 Unnamed Kid's Mother
37 Wolves

The wolves are awesome and the only good characters
Whenever I say Frozen abused animals in the movie people say OH SVEN LOOKS GOOD
It's not about Sven! They threw torches at wolves and made more kids hate wolves
Another reason to hate Frozen
And puppies, kittens, bunnies, and other house pets died of how nasty this movie is!
BOO Frozen! Negative infinity out of infinity!

38 Gothi the Troll Priest
39 Olaf's Unnamed Snow Friend
40 The Human Priest
41 Oaken's Family
42 Percy

Percy Jackson was in the movie!?!?

What's so great about Percy? - Weasltown

OH YEAH PERCY SHOULD BE 1! HE IS SO FUNNY AND KIND. He made me want to cry because he was so amazing.
Percy is so awesome. Please edit this and make Percy 1

43 Cliff the Troll
44 Prince Hans' Horse
45 Hans' Brothers
46 Rock Trolls
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