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Princess Anna of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.


Anna is so awesome! She is brave and adventurous, just like me. I think Anna deserves to be number one on the list. Unlike Elsa, she is eager to meet new people. All Elsa does is freeze people and try to kill them. Olaf deserves to be number two since he is helpful, but Elsa is totally off the list. Anna tried to save her sister and instead got a frozen heart which is totally unfair. It's the same as trying to say that you are going to rescue someone and they kill you. That is not reasonable! My whole point is that people think Elsa is good because of her powers and don't realize how evil she is. They also just totally forget about how Anna is trying to help her. If you agree with what I am saying, please give this a big thumbs up at the end.

Anna by far is the best princess out there...princesses including Belle are way too stereotypical and common...Princess Anna is completely different! She is highly active, squirky and always-cheerful...have you seen a princess like her before? Anna so far has experienced worst of what you can expect...her parents died, she was shut out by her sister due to her accident which in result kept her alone, she was tricked by a Prince and then she was frozen-struck by her sister! I assume Queen Elsa have some nothing nor really set the mood of the movie by in fact, Anna did. She was the one who introduced us Prince Hans, Kristoff and back to Olaf! The only reason Queen Elsa topped her is because she is not likely to be:

1) The main protagonist of the entire movie.
2) She was considered as prettier and hotter than Anna which I personally DISAGREE.
3) She was extremely different than everyone; she had magical powers.
4) She was the perfect character to be shipped with outer ...more

So underrated! How could Elsa be better than Anna!

I know Elsa was just trying to protect her sister. I understand her intentions, but casting an entire kingdom in an eternal winter and running away doesn't help! I do love her dress though...

Anna has made mistakes, such as Hans. She loves her sister but when you have an older sis who's trying not to (but looking like she'll ) kill you, sometimes you need to stay away. Not for 13 years though! I still think Anna is braver than Elsa.

Anna is younger, but she's also braver, almost dying for her sister, and she and Elsa are not like the other Disney princesses.

Neither is perfect, but Anna is quirkier, nicer, and more loving then her sister. In the long run, Anna seems to really shine through.

She is the best for her attitude braveness and kindness she sacrifices her self for her sister so. My favorite character used to be Elsa but when I went to the movie theater I changed my mind and also because this girl kept on saying no! Because I look better in Elsa because I have white skin and you do not! I mean who does that. She does not even no she is screaming at a eight year old! Yes, I am eight years old. I changed my mind to Anna and told her my sister's favorite character use to be Anna and I switched favorite character. She got Elsa because she was bigger and I got Anna because I was more little. Even though she is three years old bigger than me.

I really don't understand why Elsa is on top of Anna on this list. Anna is cheerful, happy, friendly, outrageously brave, silly, a little stubborn at times (but that's okay because we don't want a Disney princess that's perfect) and literally sacrifices herself for her own sister. Elsa, on the other hand, is not an awesome role model for kids like Anna. I mean really, DOES ELSA REALLY hAVE TO MAKE A MONSTER TO GET THEM OUTTA HER CASTLE?! I really hate it when people compare Anna with Elsa. I mean really, people literally only like Elsa for her song.

I still don't understand why she is under Elsa & Olaf.
I mean I love Elsa and Olaf, but I think Anna deserved to be higher on the list! Just because she don't have ice powers or a ice dress, doesn't mean she's not a good character!? Plus she's so cute as a child.

When I first saw Frozen, Elsa was my favorite. Over time I began to favor Anna. She went through a lot and still managed to keep a positive out look on life. I personally think most people don't see past her optimism though. And what I mean by that is I think a lot of people just think she's bubbly and sweet (and nïeve). She's also defensive, but I've heard no one say that. She is also incredably strong, not just physically, but emotionally. She doesn't get as much credit as she deserves. The proof: Olaf is beating her in this poll. The protagonist is beat by the comic relief. She is beat by a snowman. That's kinda sad. Anna deserves to be at the #1 spot!

Anna is supposed to be the main character in frozen but everyone only talks about elsa. I mean people are constantly saying that Elsa is because its her story when really her story is just at the beginning to give Anna's story some background info. Plus Anna is still able to love her sister despite being shoved away for years. Yes Anna may have been part of the reason Arendelle was cursed but at least she tried to make it right. Her sister didn't even try to make things right and it took almost a DEATH for her to relize it. So yes Elsa may have unfroze the kingdom but Anna is the real hero, not Elsa.

Okay, Anna should at least be above her crappy, overrated sister. So what she was naive to marry a man she just met, at least she can face her problems!

Anna is my favourite Disney Princess because she's different from the other Disney princesses, she's not just a damsel in distress, she can handle herself at times, she's funny, she has a bubbly and playful personality, and she really cares about her sister, I just love that about her.

Anna saved Elsa from being killed by Hans when she could have stayed and got the kiss from her loved one. And Anna barely knew why Elsa wouldn't even come out of the room but Anna saved her life. This is my favourite Disney movie because its not a girly princess movie

Elsa sucks. Anna isn't the protagonist yet people underrate her, look at how much she loved her cold hearted sister not to mention she is not so gullible but naive. But she's so sweet and quirky, better than her white headed walking stick figure sister

Anna went a long way to be with Elsa again. She was faithful all the time. She nearly risked her life to help Elsa and Elsa deserted here and left her with a frozen heart! I hate Elsa as much as I hate Hans. In fact, I like him better than her!

Yeah Anna's good, but stop bringing in Elsa into the conversation. It's about Anna not Elsa. Anna is good because she never gives up when she tries to find Elsa. She's so beautiful too, laugh out loud

A princess who doesn't wake up smiling and singing! - ineverknowwhattoput

Anna is very brave and would and did do anything to save her sister Elsa. Poor Anna has had a struggle trying to survive without company and love. But Elsa deep down loves her sister, but she was extremely surprised when Anna sacrificed to save her.

Anna is a caring, funny, quirky, and nice tomboy princess who just wants to know why Elsa doesn't want to play with her. She is one of the most underrated Disney princesses of the whole Disney franchise. People just praise Elsa because of let it go, her dress and ice powers.

I hate elsa. Why is she on the list. Shes evil

Elsa evil? Nah, your judgement just sucks. Why are Anna fans so bitter? What have Elsa done to you? Elsa is great.

In what world is Elsa better than Anna? We learned almost nothing about Her character! Elsa is the flattest main character in the movie. Anna is so much better and much more likeable!

Elsa is very overrated. I'm not saying she isn't a good character, but she's way more important to the plot than Elsa was. She was the hero of the whole movie, and a lot more relatable. I want Anna to get more credit and recognition, also, her and Kristoff are a very sweet couple, but everyone is always like Elsa and Jack Frost. Elsa and Jack Frost is not even a real couple. Anna and Kristoff is. I hope they explore more of their relationship in the second movie. I think it's too soon for them to get married, however, Disney magic is different than real life magic lol. I think Frozen should be made into a trilogy, with at least 3 movies.It could even be extended to 4,5,or 6.

Just because Elsa's pretty doesn't mean she should be top. Anna is really friendly character, and does everything to save Elsa.

I may like Elsa, but she should thank Anna for rekindling their bond. To Anna belongs the credit of bringing Elsa back to where she is today!

Why do people hate her?. I mean, seriously! She may not have powers, but she can be pretty strong! And she can be funny at times, too.

I agree. People just love Elsa because she is so pretty and cool. They they love her because they understand her. But Anna, she know it was a little bit of her fault. So she wanted to talk to her sister and apologize to her. But Elsa just shuns her down. Anna still tries until she sacrificed herself for Elsa. Anna is a real hereo. BBecause she does anything to have Elsa back home. So that's why Anna should be on top not El Els.

Such a great character (possibly the best in recent Disney movies). Why is she not higher?!