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Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.


Elsa is just SOOO much better than the rest of the characters. She stood out like a sore thumb even with her limited appearance. She's the main reason other than "Let It Go" that Frozen became such a phenomenon in both US and around the world, especially Japan and Korea. Without her, Frozen wouldn't even reached Tangled's popularity considering Tangled is actually the better movie of the two, much less the highest grossing animated movie ever. Olaf is likable and all, but he's just the same old funny sidekick characters. Elsa on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air who restored my faith for the tired characterizations of Disney Princesses as a whole. For once, a Disney princess actually managed to amaze me. Take note Disney, this is one Princess/Queen that you shouldn't let go if you like money. Please make Frozen 2, focus on Elsa, she's a deep character who deserves so much more, and please make it better than the first. I would be grateful forever.

She doesn't even need a prince. Unlike Anna who is like another Rapuzle and totally fits the whole cliche Disney princes role, Elsa is totally unique ( and I don't mean her superpowers) Elsa is complex, dark, fierce, and everything all the Disney princesses are not. And she is a QUEEN, not a princess. Unlike all the all the Disney princesses who were neglected they were all happy go lucky and was hoping for a prince to save them! Elsa was locked away for years, fearing she would hurt her loved ones and believing she was a monster. When she was finally free, she was practically the epitome of freedom! She was a daring and wild spirt that never can be tamed, and at the end of the movie she had more character devolpment than Anna! Elsa has more emotion and creativity and inner power than ALL the Disney princesses! She seriously desevered the main lead!

Actually she needed a lot of people to get her to clean up a mess she made. And the only reason she doesn't have a prince because throughout the movie almost everyone hated her.

Elsa is amazing in so many ways. She has awesome superpowers, can sing, loves her family, has real, complex emotions rather than being happy-go-lucky 24/7, and she's not a princess. She's a queen. She's also incredibly beautiful and strong. She lived in fear of hurting someone, and hid from everyone she loved. It made her anxious and depressed. She deserved to be happy. Instead she grew up believing she was a danger, so after she got over that, she was so happy and caring and fierce. She's awesome.

I personally relate so much to Elsa. Being the shy, introverted older sibling of two outgoing, extroverted younger siblings, I can really see myself as her in many scenes of the film. I've had to endure many challenges to overcome my shyness, and I really see Elsa's character and her song "Let it Go" as a way to overcome inhibitions and personal anxiety. She, like all of us, has a special magic inside of herself that she felt at first scared of showing to the rest of the world. However, she is able to overcome her own fears and be comfortable in who she is. I really respect her as a role model in that regard, and she will go down as one of my favorite characters in all of media. Shy people unite! - phillysports

Elsa is the BEST! She's so independent, and she's a great new take on a Disney Princess. Anna was a great character, but she's just so traditional and has the same basic personality as most other Disney Princesses. Elsa is kind of finding her place in the world during the movie (using fabulous clothing and great musical numbers). She's smart and knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to take it. She also seemed the most real to me. Most other Disney princesses are just looking for their princes and stuff, which most people don't do. Elsa was going through something that a lot of people can relate to and that is why I love her.

Why is Elsa 1st? I'm not trying to be rude, but she seriously should be 2nd. Yes, she's pretty, and sting, and has wicked cool ice powers, but what about Anna? How do we know Elsa's strong? When she was being physically strong, she's using her powers, but we know Anna is physically strong without powers. Plus, Anna seems to be more emotionally sting too. Anna is beautiful too, on the inside and out. She's powerful, because her powers. Powers are just something extra, they shouldn't be a reason to make the character as a whole so much better. Don't get me wrong, I love Elsa, but I don't think she deserves to be first.

That obnoxious, insufferable Anna ruined Disney, especially the movie, Frozen! She always has to be the most all time annoying, eardrum busting insult to Gerda the original heroine of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. Poor Elsa doesn't really deserve to be overshadowed by that obnoxious, insufferable Anna at all, does she? And she never ever even did at all, did she? That Anna's the biggest main reason why Frozen was the worst Disney movie so far of all time. In fact, that Anna's the biggest main reason why Frozen was not enough Elsa at all.

Don't give me any of that Olaf or Anna are the best crap because everybody knows Elsa is the most amazing, beautiful, awesome, and talented person! I want to be her more than anything! I love you Elsa!

Elsa is a amazing heroine. She is a strong character who struggled to fight off her complexities and won. She is a good role model for girls everywhere and is who she wants to be. She is a free and wild spirit and can never be tamed. GO ELSA!

She is extremely gorgeous and cares for hear family like mad. She is actually a very strong person and she is not your over the top girly royal that doesn't need a guy to complete her life. I actually prefer Hans over Kritoff because Hans is more interesting. Hans is actually hot it is just the side burns. Anna's annoying but I do like her. She can be a little prick sometimes though. I love Olaf as well. Anna's also an idiot but she is cute. Kristoff is annoying and cheesy like Anna. You may like Elsa more after watching frozen fever because she's really sweet and really cute when she's sick cause it's as if she's drunk but it's so cute!

Unfortunately, she's the victim of what Nostalgia Critic jokingly-yet-accidentally referred to as "the Hipster Effect": it becomes trendy for everyone to hate something because it is perceived that everyone likes it; leading to the paradox that everyone hates it for no real reason.

She is so pretty and awesome with her powers. I totally get why she is the most popular! She is so cool when she makes the ice castle. Elsa would save Anna if what happened to Anna happened to her. Deep down she loves Anna with her entire heart.

I never fell in love with an animated character until I saw Elsa

Agreed with everyone, Elsa is different and Independant with her powers. She is right because she feels bad for everything, especially having to leave Anna but she has no choice. The though Anna does not. Understand at the start until she accidentally reveals her secret. But at the very end she honestly had a happy life and didn't regret it.

One word. Perfection.
The character has depth, was conflicted, flawed, tortured, selfless, developed the most, had the most interesting growth and story, sang the most amazing song, had great showstopper moment, soft-spoken, poised, elegant but also fierceness, is stunning to look at, is an unconventional princess. What more can one ask for? She's perfect.

She's gorgeous and has so many aspects to her! :) Definitely one of my all time favorite Disney Characters! Olaf is also really cute, but he wasn't a supur major aspect of the movie.

She's the reason I love Frozen but I felt disappointed because they didn't give her enough screen time at all like they should've back then before.

I just hate how Elsa gets so much hate. (Haha, sorry for poor vocabulary usage.) I mean, there are people out there whom either say, "Ice powers? Beauty? Mary Sue, doi! " or, "She abondoned poor Anna! She's a vile monstrosity of a woman! " How I pity society these days. MARY SUE? Are you a fanficcer or something, because that's a term for FANFICTION CHARACTERS. Also, even if it WAS a movie term, these people would still be considered idiosyncratic fools. (Again, sorry for vocabulary.) She was a troubled, and kind of depressed child! She literally had to live with the fact that she nearly killed her own sister for so many years! Not only that, Anna's memories had to be partially wiped away! Her guilt was always there. For her love for Anna, the sky was the limit- same with Anna. She would even go to harming or isolating herself just to keep Anna (and, to some extent, Arendelle) safe. She did, indeed love Anna, and she was definitely a developed movie character.

I'd like to SLAP that evil smirk off her ugly face. She ignores her sweet little sister, runs away from her kingdom, lets her people almost freeze to death,then sings "the cold never bothered ME anyway" and "let the storm rage on" and "no right, no wrong, no rules for me",kills her sister, and then fake cries about murdering her sister.

I extremely blame the creators of Frozen for not giving any of us a more interesting story about Elsa herself than Anna finding Elsa and falling in love with Hans.

Elsa is amazing in many ways, not because she has ice powers but she is caring and she sacrificed herself for Anna and the other and she deserves first place.

I'm a 15 year old male saying that Elsa is not only my favorite Frozen character, but my favorite character in all media.

Elsa is beautiful she is the main character and I love let it go. When I am older I will die my hair white, plait it and wear a blue dress!

These are why I love her: she's beautiful, kind, caring, and loving. I LOVE YOU ELSA!

I think that elsa is a big part of the movie because she has emotions and without elsa the movie would be totally different