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21 The Duke's Henchmen #2

This guy is cool! - Weasltown

22 Princess Rapunzel

She wasn't my favorite but I did notice her and I love princess rupunzel so much in the movie "Tangled". So I thought it was really cool to her in a smidge of Frozen

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23 Gerda the Maid
24 French Dignitary
25 Anna and Elsa's mom V 2 Comments
26 Spanish Dignitary

The dignitaries should be higher on the list! - Weasltown

27 Prince Flynn Rider

He had a cameo in the film.

I loved his cameo!

28 Kid Elsa

She wasn't my favorite but she did make the story get into place, showing what she did with her ice powers and how the story started. Which I think is very important. Also she was very pretty and I loved the way she never wanted to hurt her sister unlike other families in the world

She is so cute. Can I believe how cute she is!

Kid Elsa should've been negatively influenced the Nordic king's (The Trolden Glass the Norse mythical tale legend only just being mentioned in the show, Once Upon A Time) spell in the movie, Frozen back then before just like Kai was influenced by the original, titular main snow queen's spell in the original fairytale story, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. She also should've been kidnapped by the Nordic king himself from The Trolden Glass the Norse mythical tale legend (the one who was only just being mentioned in the show, Once Upon A Time) by being taken away from Aren-delle for her ice powers in the movie, Frozen back then before just like Kai was kidnapped by the original, titular snow queen herself in the original fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.

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29 Snowgies
30 Wolves V 1 Comment
31 Kid Kristoff

I got this part in a play

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32 Anna and Elsa's dad
33 Bulda

Bulda is one of the trolls.

Who is this guy?!?

I don't know him..

34 Irish Dignitary
35 German Dignitary
36 Sitron

He is Prince Hans' horse.

He was Prince Hans' horse.

37 Gothi the Troll Priest
38 Olaf's Unnamed Snow Friend
39 The Human Priest
40 Unnamed Kid's Mother
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