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1 Prince Hans Prince Hans

His reason why he was the antagonist of the film wasn't that big of a deal, was it? How would you feel like if you were neglected because you had twelve other siblings who got more attention than you did?


Why does everyone hate Frozen so much?! Someone who's still NORMAL explain this to me! If you hate it because there was no "Prince Heroic Action", and it was the sisters who saved each other, you people NEED TO GET A GRIP! IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! geez Louise! Frankly, I LOVVVEE IT! (fight me)

Most of Disney Villains are memorable, wonderful, and enjoyable despite their flaws but Hans on the other hand, is one of the weakest forced Disney Villains. I don’t know why he turned on Anna all of the sudden. The twist is nothing but a slap in the face, agreed with me? It’s like M Night Shaymalan come up with that twist, isn't it? Yes It teaches kids not to rush marriage but why Hans has to do something like that? Huh? If they want to go for that twist, than they have to execute his plans, don't just throw away like that. I mean Hans started off as a typical nice guy, he has cute bonding moments with Anna (in fact they shared more chemistry than Anna and Kristoff), tries to keep people in Arendelle safe and warm after Anna leaves him in charge while she tries to find Elsa (also in another fact I think he would be a better ruler than Elsa because at least he taking care Arendelle more than Elsa does), even tries to prevent the guard killing Elsa and he convince her to bring back ...more

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2 The Duke of Weselton (Weaseltown)

This character is very overrated, people love it and the jokes are rather crappy and not leave more than five minutes in the movie

3 Weselton Henchmen # 1
4 Weselton Henchmen # 2
5 Anna and Elsa's Dad
6 Marshmallow
7 Oaken
8 Kristoff Kristoff Kristoff Bjorgman is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated feature Frozen.
9 Sven
10 Olaf Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

I mean really, those creators, directors, filmmakers and writers of Frozen could've at least had Olaf be created during Elsa's childbirth infancy and become one of Elsa's long time friends in canon; maybe he could've at least been fairly portrayed to be the one to make her realize that she can actually control her powers if she really puts her mind to it which it would've made Frozen a more believable, better, more classical film than ever but no, instead they just unfairly had to keep poor Olaf as this 1D not-so-funny character who doesn't easily really contribute anything to the Frozen movie at all, other than only just poor visual gags and a crappy song that doesn't need to be in the Frozen movie to move the plot along any so we're all forcefully expected to believe that Elsa who originally feared her own ice magic powers inexplicably enjoyed using them when the Frozen movie was over anyway. Those creators of Frozen were nothing but lazy bums anyway.

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