Most Frustrating Moments In Gaming

Those moments in games that just make you down right furious

The Top Ten

1 Making it Near the end only to get Kod' in 100 Man Melee in Super Smash Bros. Melee
2 Falling to your death after being hit by a flying enemy

For me it was Ninja Gaiden on Nes a lot of times when I jump I always get hit by a flying enemy and fall to my death,

3 losing a round without being able to hit your opponent
4 being forced to return to a checkpoint after coming so close to the end

The biggest thing I hate is reaching near the end of a level only to die by being hit by an enemy or missing a jump and being force to return to the last checkpoint when your so close to the end of the level. - egnomac

5 Being repeatedly hit with koopa shells in Mario Kart
6 Getting bumped of the stage by a A.I. Driver in F-Zero GX
7 Having a useless A.I. Partner Who dosen't help you
8 Saving up for a hyper combo only to miss several times in Marvel vs Capcom games
9 Being forced to collect another weird item in Star Fox Adventure
10 The Wily Capsule From Megaman 7

The Contenders

11 Getting EA'd
12 Going swimming in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
13 Forgetting to save your game

I was playing Pokemon Red on emulator and it had been 2 hours since I last saved my game. I made it to Lavender town (with a lot of trouble in Rock Tunnel) and then suddently, I accidentally pressed on something on my keyboard that made the emulator load my last save file! 2 hours of frustration for nothing! - MaxPap

14 Master Fortress in Super Smash Bros. 4
15 Playing against some one who screen peeks
16 Being forced to fight another weak Pokemon in Pokemon
17 Your game freezes up
18 Playing Wario Land 4 on Super Hard mode and having to defeat Spoiled Rotten within 15 seconds
19 Disciple Lorithia in Xenoblade Chronicles
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