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1 Listening to Music

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Transports you mentally to a time and a place you felt / feel happiest. Discovering new music is amazing. - Britgirl

That and when I sing along and I feel I did a good job with singing I feel fulfilled - Curti2594

2 Writing

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I don't kow who would I be
without my pen and my notebooks.

I LOVE writing! - Luckys

There is no limit on what you can write. The total freedom you have is mind-blowing. - Britgirl

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3 Playing an Instrument

Probably my favorite hobby, my second favorite being TheTopTens. I massively rely on both of them for my entertainment. - Turkeyasylum

Does Electronic music count as playing an instrument? - letdot52

I love playing my clarinet. I especially like my band class at school. - Minecraftcrazy530

Keyboards for the win! - MLPFan

4 Drawing/Painting

Why thank you Tina! I was on this list simply to add/vote for this =P. It's a very fulfilling hobby because the opportunities are endless and the journey is difficult. The outcome, however, if you keep grinding on, is what makes it all worth it! - keycha1n

Visual representation of what you feel is perhaps,far more imaginative and breathtaking than showing it in textual form. When writing you just imagine things and right them down, the whole world has different views on it and you feel as if the world misunderstood you, however when you draw it, you get a sense of gratification and everyone else can see properly what you mean.I believe drawing it's the most fulfilling hobby.

I draw, but in anime/manga style. I can only draw cute chibi animals at the moment, but I have successfully drawn a neko girl before. - Pegasister12

I'm terrible at drawing. I could show you a drawing if you want to see how bad I am... - Turkeyasylum

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5 Sports/Exercise

I'm not relaxed unless I've exercised at least two hours every day. Otherwise I can't sleep or stand still - SirSheep

Walking releaxes me

I agree squash relaxes me especially when I eat it

Running, swimming, squash relaxes my whole body and mind. - Britgirl

6 Reading

Most kids my age can barely read a children's book, and it takes them 5 minutes to read three sentences out loud just because they don't read. The have extremely limited vocabularies too. People should start reading more often. - SirSheep

First of all I love all of these but reading is awesome it makes me calm.

Many years of reading psychological / detective and crime thrillers has helped me develop a sensibly suspicious mind and a very observant eye, which has proved very useful... - Britgirl

Reading is a good hobby to have. It is not only a good hobby but can be very beneficial you. It can help you with your vocabulary, your comprehension skills, and much more - 170253

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7 Dancing

Literally any dance! Dad dance to a complex, romantic rumba or a cheeky Charleston. Every single dance allows freedom of expression and tells a story. - Britgirl

I can't dance to save my life. - RiverClanRocks

8 Singing

I don't want to damage anybody's ears - SirSheep

For a lot of people yes, but for me, I can't even sing in tune in my mind. I can hold water on a fork better than I can hold a tune. Not joking. - Britgirl

9 Gaming

There's a lot of video game worlds and adventures await you. I'm sure you'll have fun! - Delgia2k

Absolutely. This and music are easily my top two here, followed by writing and reading. They are 4 things that allow you to be transported to another place, one where you can forget aboutttroubles. Good list sweetie. - EvilAngel

Although it's fun, you can't play too many... - Turkeyasylum

My collection is massive, but you have to remember that gaming isn't the ONLY thing we do. - Garythesnail

It must be so relaxing to be lost in the videogame you're playing. I personally find it relaxing to watch someone play a a game. - Britgirl

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10 Fishing

Every call I catch salmon on the river and smoke them. Every other year, pink salmon run, so I can legally catch up 6 per day, which only takes an hour because there are so many of them. From above it looks like a dark blog it the middle of the river. - SirSheep

Nothing like it

I just love fishing (14 year old) I go to river and fish totaly natural its just you and the water silence and when you catch the fish is like the best moment then you make frie it and eat it very fun

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11 Acting

Improv is one of my favorites. It's hysterical and you can't mess up if you can recover well enough. - SirSheep

Loved my times doing acting, simple productions, workshops, classroom, readings. Dramatizing song. - Billyv

Being someone else...getting into the mind of someone totally different from your own personality is so liberating. And to be appreciated for it is perhaps even better. - Britgirl

12 Colouring

Zen adult colouring is amazing for keeping your creative mind open. The complex patterns allows you to be totally free. Anything goes. - Britgirl

13 Martial Arts

O do this twice a week,and it works out the mind as well as the body. - SirSheep

I often find that I can use my martial art, either with slow, soothing move recaps or with every adrenaline molecule in my body, to clear my mind and come back to life stronger. - PositronWildhawk

I fight for fun, occasionally. - Therandom

14 Model Railways

I’m a model train enthusiast. I’ve tried several hobbies before, each has good qualities. But nothing can touch the special quality model railroading has to offer. It takes all the qualities that every other hobby has and combines them into one ultimate hobby. Art, thinking, creativity, history, and fun are all key aspects to this incredible hobby.

15 Songwriting

Now this is what I'm talking about. And writing good ones. - keyson

16 Academics

They are nessasery, and they help you get to places you wanted to get to, including mastering favorite hobbies.

17 Knitting

Knitting is when you can calm yourself, focus on intricate yarns and designs, and when you tend to reflect upon yourself more...

18 Sumo Wrestling
19 Playing Cards
20 Pokemon Go


21 Watching Movies

I love movies!

22 Hunting

Back to basics. Love for nature.

23 Sewing

It lets you create something

24 Cheerleading
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