Best Full House Season 1 Episodes

The Top Ten Best Full House Season 1 Episodes

1 Our Very First Show

This episode is so funny

When Danny Tanner's wife Pamela is killed in an auto accident, he finds himself left all alone to raise his three daughters: D.J. , Stephanie, and baby Michelle. - Ajkloth

2 Our Very First Night

Jesse takes the rap for DJ and Stephenie after they take advantage of him and stay up too late. - Ajkloth

3 The First Day of School

Danny, Jesse and Joey try to convince Stephanie that school is cool while DJ tries to make a clean escape - Ajkloth

4 The Return of Grandma

An untimely visit from the guys' mothers turns the house upside down. - Ajkloth

5 Sea Cruise
6 Daddy's Home
7 Knock Yourself Out
8 Jesse's Girl
9 The Miracle of Thanksgiving
10 Joey's Place
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