Top Ten Fuller House Characters


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1 Stephanie Tanner

Love her my favorite

A playgirl. Wears revealing clothes. AWFUL

number 1

This show sucks!

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2 Max Fuller

Awesome dude

I LOVE MAX FULLER! - dancingunicornsonunicycles

Mighty Max is like Derek on Full House. Max is my fave character, he makes Fuller House enjoyable.


3 Kimmy Gibbler

Um, why did no one vote for her? She may be exceptionally weird and corky, but that's what makes her marvelous. I mean, I'm weird and corky, fella girl! I never thought I would say this, but Kimmy Gibbler (+Ramona, but I like Kimmy slightly better) is definitely the best character in fuller house. I didn't like her when she was a kid, but now that she's moved in with the Fuller/Tanner crew, she's always there to brighten people up. Michelle used to be my favorite, but I haven't seen her in fuller house yet, so...Yeah, anyway, Kimmy just lightens that gloomy Monday or Thursday and makes it aw-wesome! GO KIMMY GIBBLER, AND DON'T GO FERNANDO, UNLESS RAMONA IS A TON HAPPIER BY THEM REMARRYING! I LOVE YOU AS WELL, RAMONA GIBBLER! Give 'em dat spunk.


4 Ramona Gibbler


She is so cute. - DynastiNoble

5 Steve Hale

I love Steve he is so funny

Right Place

6 DJ Tanner


7 Nicky and Alex Katsopolis

My favorite full. House
Twins Nicky Alex Katsopolies

Nicky Alex Katsopolies
Are my. Favorite full house
Fuller house. Twins. World

Are my favorite twins

Nicky. Alex Katsopolies. Are my. Favorite
I. Saw theme. They. Babies once. Cutie
That. Los Angeles California
Funny moments full house.
Michelle. Tanner. Like twins. They. Have. Fans. Nicky Alex. Fuller house Charcter and Twins what are. Gonna. Me leech I like. It so. They. Funny.

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8 Jackson Fuller

He is one of my character

9 Danny Tanner Danny Tanner

Come on, he's cool, he was better in the full house though, but he's still good

10 Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis

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11 Jesse Katsopolis Jesse Katsopolis

On my first of two runs through this show so far, I've realized how funny Jesse is in this show. He's also the character I feel that evolved the most in the show, he went from a immature reckless musician, to a caring father and of course an uncle, hence the name Uncle Jesse. Also loved the way he said huh? After replying to a goofy comment by another character.

12 Joey Gladstone
13 Tommy Fuller
14 Jimmy Gibbler


15 Stephanie's new baby

How has no one voted for her...SHE IS SO CUTE

so cute

16 Lola
17 Fernando

He is so amazing and funny

18 Matt Harmon
19 Bobby Popko

Cute, but snobby

20 Gia
21 C.J.
22 Rose Harbenberger Rose Harbenberger
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