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1 Again

This song is so cool and it suits the series well. It's sad and intense and determined all at once... Just like Ed!

It just sticks to you - XtremeNerdz12

My favorite I list to this song every day multiple times - OtakuYato

Awesome song

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2 Rewrite

I loved how dark his letter was related to the series... The song, melody, moments within the same opening were embodied to perfection. Far my favorite opening within all animes I've seen... ( And I've seen many)

The song won the best anime song award in the USA. And it's a song from one of my favorite bands I.E. Asian Kung Fu. It's also the final opening of the Full metal Alchemist (2003) version. My second favorite is Period by Chemistry. I don't understand why people love "Rain" so much. I found the song completely out of synch with Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood as an anime. - Kiteretsunu

Best OP song! Its just a great song without FMA, but it makes it even better that its in FMA

Nah but seriously, that has got to be the best animated thing ever for T.V. when it came out

3 Period

The fights in this theme is just AWESOME! But also a good song.

I love this song so much, I want to cry every time I hear it! Although Again and Rewrite and EVERY OTHER THEME SONG is still awesome :D!

I don't know why, but I don't like this song

4 Hologram

I love this song so much... How is it not in at least the top three?

Quite underrated,but has one of the best cuts and edits.I mean,did you see Gluttony in the op?

This song just makes me cry every time I listen to it. Amazing song :D :D

5 Melissa

The first opening for Fullmetal Alchemist,This song is catchy as hell!

Meh, Ready steady go is much better


The best

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6 Bratja/Brothers

After finishing Fullmetal Alchemist anime, I started searching this beautiful song right away. I put on the song, closed my eyes and sat in my chair, forgetting everything, just felt like my soul was leaving my earthly body and flying away. No more words for how much I loved this particular track in this anime. This track is HEAVEN!

Why the hell is this not higher? This beautiful song clearly portrays the tragedy Edward and Alphonse faced in childhood. The choir and background of the song can make you cry. Please, put this song at at least number 3! - Elric-san

This song is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. It should be Number 1 not Number 6.

Vic Mingona's vocals are too good to be this low.

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7 Rain

This song is beautiful. Everything about it in the opening credits makes me want to cry. From Fuhrer bradley shedding a tear, to Winry and Hawkeye crying as well. I especially loved it when it was played at the end of episode 63 when Hohenheim died. Its really deep...

Best, hands down.

This is the best FMA song. Only Again can possibly tie it.


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8 Link

My favorite song! L'arc and Ciel did better on this than Ready Steady Go! - Elric-san

9 Uso

One of best fma:bh ending song...

10 Golden Time Lover

I don't get why some people hate this opening. I mean, sure its song is kind of weird if you first heard it, (I thought that too) But once you get used to it, you realize that it's actually a very good song (especially if you heard the full version). And the animation is truly amazing. So fast-paced yet so detailed. Especially when Major-General Armstrong appeared. That part is what really made me catch my breath and break the replay button.

It's like a basketball shoe. Takes time to break in, but then becomes one of your favorite songs. For FMAB I'd rate the songs: 1. Period 2T. Again, Rain, Golden Time Lover 3. Hologram. I don't really get why people like hologram

Are u kidding This is The Best!

it good

The Contenders

11 Scandal
12 Let It All Out

Awesome song

This should be second.!

13 Kesenai Tsumi
14 Ready Steady Go

What? 14?! how come

Best ever


15 Undo

I love this song - OtakuYato

16 Shunkan Sentimental

This should be in number 1! it gives me eargasm

So good!

17 Tobira No Mukou E

What the hell? How come this isn't in the Top 5? This is so good. One of the best anime endings.

18 Lost Heaven
19 Tsunaida Te
20 Inerasable Sin
21 I Will
22 Ray of Light
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