Top 10 Fun Facts About Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is very popular in many states. But there are things that some or most people don't know.

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1 It was supposed to end with Frieza Saga

Dragon Ball was supposed to end with the the Frieza Saga, but fans wanted more, so it went on and was supposed to end with the cell saga, but fans wanted more. The Buu Saga ended the series until GT and Super came in.

This, in itself, turned into a meme :P. - CrimsonShark

2 Toriyama made Super to disregard Evolution

You guys are familiar with the god awful Evolution, biggest insult to Dragon Ball. So after that, Toriyama made Battle of Gods and RoF to get Evolution out of fan's minds. People say he made Super to get GT out, but he said he liked GT.

3 GT was originally meant to end with the Baby Saga

Dragon Ball GT is a show that is considered non canon and garbage. It was meant to end with the Baby Saga, but got extended.

4 GT is successful in Japan

While GT is hated in US, it was really successful in Japan. It sold more than the original and Z, also, the show in subbed is more loved than the dubbed. It was very popular for SSJ 4, Gogeta, The Shadow dragons, Baby, and more. Also, Pan is popular that she was one of the main characters in Dragon Ball Fusions and Online.
It's basically
US- DBZ>DB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DBGT

5 The line, "It's over 9000! was originally meant to say 8000.

People love the line Vegeta said when he scanned Goku's power level. It was originally meant to say 8000, but it accidentally said 9000.

6 Toriyama loved SSJ 4

While GT was hated, people loved the Super Saiyan 4 design. Even Toriyama loved it, saying it was something that he couldn't even thought of making.

7 GT was rushed

The reason why Goku was mostly focused too much was because GT was cancelled due to ratings. Because the show was cancelled, many food ideas were poorly executed, Goku was focused way to much, Pan didn't go Super Saiyan, and it ended after 64 episodes. If only the fans didn't give it poor ratings.

8 Toriyama hated Vegeta

The main reason why Vegeta always gets shafted is because Toriyama hates him. He's always been Toriyama's least favorite character.

9 Toriyama planned for Gohan to be the main character

It's true, but since fans wanted Goku, he changed his mind.

10 Toriyama didn't know how to draw Female Super Saiyans

The reason why Pan didn't go SSJ is because Toriyama couldn't draw a female SSJ.

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