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1 Beach Beach

THIS should be #1, you can't relax and have however fun you want.
Just be careful you don't get stung by jellyfish and wear sunscreen because you don't want sunburn, which is a signal that you increased your risk of skin cancer.

Yeah I love the beach - Camaro6

I love the boardwalks in NJ!

2 Disney World Disney World

Disney World is actually NOT always fun, it's too expensive and you pay like $110 for a 1 day ticket, and everything there is too expensive(water bottle $3, Pizza Slice $10, Mickey/Minnie plush $25, shirt $40), and you wait in long lines and find crappy food, countless people are crying like babies, yet the character mascots are suffering and dehydrated and they continue in all weather, yet the princesses have to burn up in the summer and freeze in winter, most of the rides are too short and some are not for families, and Walt Disney wanted the place to be for families.
Plus, rides break down even at the best parts.
Yet the good rides are being closed down lately and being turned into garbage attractions for the sake of $.
Even holiday parties there are too expensive.
You can go to the beach for little cost, but you'd have to pay a lot for Disney World.
Not to mention there's dead ashes filling the air and people are rude and pushing each other and walk too slow and ...more

Fun but Disneyland wins. - ParasN2000

This truly was an adventure of a lifetime. Seeing the mascots, doing the rides, looking through the shops was like being in..well, Happiness world! - DaringXx

3 Universal Studios Hollywood Universal Studios Hollywood

Fun, but incredibly crowded, filled with long lines, it's hot out, burning mascots, and too many simulators.
Yet they're replacing the real good rides with simulator crap.
It may be fun, but it's not the best place.

4 Dubai Dubai
5 Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii is the 50th and most recent state of the United States of America, receiving statehood on August 21, 1959.
6 Ski Resort Ski Resort
7 Water Park Water Park

I’ve been to one - Camaro6

8 Niagara Falls Niagara Falls
9 Movie Theater
10 Paris Paris

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11 Concert
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