Top Ten Fun Skills to Learn

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How to Swim

Swimming is good because in case you decide to jump into a shark tank for fun, you'll be able to escape and not get eaten.

How to tolerate the whip of a belt against your flesh.

If u don't know how to swim, u are missing out.

sharks are triggered

How to Surf the Waves

Really important when you're trying to impress people on the beach, and it's fun

How to Ice Skate

It's pretty fun to start, but just to let you know it can get slippery at times so focus on your balance. - AlphaQ

Good hobby to start. Definitely recommend it, especially if you rollerskate - Marella

How to Control Unreasonable Desires
How to Earn a Livelihood

You need to live, right? Important

How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

Used to be able to do this. Now I forgot. OK, trying again..

How to Make a Cake

I can't bake for all hell I tried cooking and I set my whole kitchen on fire.

Minecraft Cake.

How to Write a Poem

Roses are red, violets are blue, I can write poems and so can you

writing a poem reminds me of leshawna and harold in TDI

How to Juggle

Juggling is not that hard to learn - AlphaQ

How to Play Chess

Chess is awesome! A great game to play

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? Play Ice Hockey
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How to Comfort a Crying Baby
How to Do a Back Flip

It's actually not that hard but you need to have very good timing. - AlphaQ

How to Do Karate
How to Play Guitar

Tried this last year. One word: HOW?!?!?!?!? - Marella

It's really hard for me - Manlypants

I'm learning this. - Userguy44

Good, then please do a cover of Hallowed by The Name or Master of Puppets man. - Q-ube

How to Play a Piano

I am learning. It's not that hard I know a lot of songs. - DevMeJew

this is the hardest thing to play - reappro

You didn't specify THAT requirement in your comment... But anyway, songs like Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells aren't that hard in my opinion - Marella

Learn Another Language

Yes, I am learning Russian right now on Duolingo, just out of interest, and by far, it is so interesting, and so much fun.

YEAH. I want to learn another language.

How to Rollerskate

This is so much fun to do

Also known a s the sport where you constsntly trip and fall on your butt

I love rollerskating

How to Play Electric Guitar
How to Draw

Who's got some tips for drawing anime?

3 words compared:

How to Rap

Rapping is hard so I give major props to those who can do it

you meant becoming a rap god

rapping sucks >:(


When technologies are now useless, we gotta live with knowledge from the old world. - DuEades

hi I'm bear grylls and welcome to jackass!

How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artists

Just not like Biebs

Rick Astley?
sounds epic to me ngl

How to Sail
How to Do Gymnastics
How to Play the Ukulele
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