Top Ten Fun Skills to Learn

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1 How to Swim

Swimming is good because in case you decide to jump into a shark tank for fun, you'll be able to escape and not get eaten.

If u don't know how to swim, u are missing out.

As long I don't drown...

2 How to Ice Skate

It's pretty fun to start, but just to let you know it can get slippery at times so focus on your balance.

3 How to Surf the Waves

Pretty easy because surfers are really common where I live and we teach each other tricks, ask some of them theyll be happy to teach you,

Really important when you're trying to impress people on the beach, and it's fun

4 How to Solve a Rubik's Cube

I could do this when I was 11 I think, but now I lost the paper I wrote that told me how to do it!

Can they help me solve this "impossible rubik's cube"?

the highest record of the 3x3x3 cube is less than 4 seconds

5 How to Play Chess

Chess is awesome! A great game to play

I love playing chess

6 How to Control Unreasonable Desires
7 How to Earn a Livelihood

You need to live, right? Important

8 How to Write a Poem

Roses are red, violets are blue, I can write poems and so can you

writing a poem reminds me of leshawna and harold in TDI

9 How to Comfort a Crying Baby

Give it a cheeseburger.

10 How to Do a Back Flip

It's actually not that hard but you need to have very good timing.

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11 How to Juggle

Juggling is not that hard to learn

12 How to Make a Cake

I can't bake for all hell I tried cooking and I set my whole kitchen on fire.

Minecraft Cake.

13 How to Do Karate
14 How to Play Guitar

It's really hard for me

I'm learning this.

15 Learn Another Language

Yes, I am learning Russian right now on Duolingo, just out of interest, and by far, it is so interesting, and so much fun.

YEAH. I want to learn another language.

16 How to Play a Piano

this is the hardest thing to play

17 How to Draw

Who's got some tips for drawing anime?

3 words compared:

18 How to Rollerskate

This is so much fun to do

Also known a s the sport where you constsntly trip and fall on your butt

I love rollerskating

19 How to Play Electric Guitar

I can't play electric well but I can play bass,

20 How to Rap

Rapping is hard so I give major props to those who can do it

you meant becoming a rap god

21 How to Survive in the Wilderness

When technologies are now useless, we gotta live with knowledge from the old world.

hi I'm bear grylls and welcome to jackass!

Hi, I'm Les Stroud, and welcome to Jackass!

22 How to Do Gymnastics

I myself am a competitive gymnast and I can say that it is definitely worth it! although I have sprained my ankle multiple times after landing wrong in vault hehehehehehehe...

23 How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artists
24 How to Ride a Bike
25 How to Ski
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