Fun Things to Do When Bored On Animal Jam

I normally get bored but I know lots of stuff to make you not bored :D! Just try one of these top 10 ideas and unlock your fun!

The Top Ten

1 Prank People

This is my favourite - allara43aj

Some New Jammer said, " Looking for cute girls! " So I went to "his" den and he said he was actually a girl it was a joke. Their real account is JumpCircle23.

2 Go to a Fashion Show
3 Play Games In the Arcade
4 Annoy Someone
5 Trade (No Flash or Trust)
6 Run Around Dressed Weirdly
7 Host a Party
8 Go to a Giveaway or Host a Giveaway

Doing this hosting a desinger skirt giveaway if u want to join it will be stating in jaunary 5th 2016!

9 Do Art at Coral Canyons Art Studio
10 Be Crazy

I used to like this website. I used to either be crazy or glitch it. Ah... The sky glitch days... - Minecraftcrazy530

The Contenders

11 Make a Cat and Roleplay Warriors with Friends

A lynx would be the most cat like if you ever want to try this out.

I do it all the time! It's really fun cause you can find a great clan. Invite your buddies too! It's fun to roleplay with friends. -Silverflare

12 Secretly Record Fights
13 Clone People you See
14 Flash People

So it's basically flashing people good stufgf for lousy things on trade but canceling quiclklt can't swell todway!

15 Play a Game

I do Best dressed when I'm bored! - ArcticWolf

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