Fun Things to Do When Bored On Animal Jam

I normally get bored but I know lots of stuff to make you not bored :D! Just try one of these top 10 ideas and unlock your fun!

The Top Ten Fun Things to Do When Bored On Animal Jam

Prank People

This is my favourite - allara43aj

Some New Jammer said, " Looking for cute girls! " So I went to "his" den and he said he was actually a girl it was a joke. Their real account is JumpCircle23.

Go to a Fashion Show
Play Games In the Arcade
Annoy Someone
Trade (No Flash or Trust)
Run Around Dressed Weirdly
Host a Party
Go to a Giveaway or Host a Giveaway

Doing this hosting a desinger skirt giveaway if u want to join it will be stating in jaunary 5th 2016!

Do Art at Coral Canyons Art Studio
Be Crazy

I used to like this website. I used to either be crazy or glitch it. Ah... The sky glitch days... - Minecraftcrazy530

The Contenders

Secretly Record Fights
Make a Cat and Roleplay Warriors with Friends

A lynx would be the most cat like if you ever want to try this out.

I do it all the time! It's really fun cause you can find a great clan. Invite your buddies too! It's fun to roleplay with friends. -Silverflare

Clone People you See
Flash People

So it's basically flashing people good stufgf for lousy things on trade but canceling quiclklt can't swell todway!

Play a Game

I do Best dressed when I'm bored! - ArcticWolf

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