Top 10 Fun Things You Would Rather Do Instead of Homework

I hate homework, it is so boring and stressful. We want free time after school, not homework. You would of course rather do other things. What things would you rather do?

The Top Ten

1 Play video games

I totally agree with ya! My bro literally has every disc! I hate homework...

Yeah, let's play Mario Bros. instead of boring homework.

2 Draw your favorite things

You could just draw on your homework.
"I'm not a good artist, but my drawing is probably better than what my grade would be! "

3 Watch your favorite show

Me:Instead of homework imma watch either Invader zim or ppg (1998)
(I don't know what to choose both of them are good in my insane mind)

4 Play board games
5 Play hide and go seek
6 Go on TheTopTens and chat with your friends
7 Play sports outside
8 Go on a trip

I did homework during a trip to CA for a wedding once.

9 Listen to music

I do this WHILE I'm doing homework

Do it while doing homework - zxm

10 Go to Deviantart and go look at drawings

Me do this all the time trying find a good Miraculous Ladybug fanarts and download it instead of doing homework - ChatNoirFan18


*Looks up Ayasal and sakimichan)-Vestalis <---- my new username idea (if someone picked it let me know :) )

The Contenders

11 Burn it up


Yeah, I agree with AnimeDrawer! I'm stressed about homework. I swear I want burn it! (Sorry it was so rude, I hate homework! My school often give it everyday! - ChatNoirFan18

Same, homework sucks, I mean we are working and listening in school for 7 hours, that is enough, just to bring more work home. We want free time.

12 Slice off a barbies head with an axe


13 Watch videos
14 Watch Netflix
15 Read an interesting book series
16 Tear it up

Yeah, lets rip it into pieces. NO MORE HOMEWORK!

17 Look at Scarlett Johansson Photos
18 Play outside
19 Read lists
20 Make lists
21 Party
22 Buys school supplies
23 Watch TV
24 Look up random websites
25 Draw on the homework
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