Most Fun Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks

This list includes some of the most fun decks that you can possibly play in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh!
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1 Elemental Hero

Heroes are an absurdly fun deck to play, especially for the price. They can spit out huge boards easily, they're super consistent, and they have a lot of recursion potential. With their only big flaw being the lack of protection and / or negation, heroes are a perfect deck to play casually, and can also be powered up (for a higher price, of course) into a solid rogue strategy for tournaments.

Everyone loves Hero's! They bring back so many memories! Hero's have pretty good consistency, top decks, and monsters. Although Stratos is gone, Hero's will always be remembered as one of the greatest decks ever! Get you're game on!

Its just satisfying when you pull out something like shining flare wing man, ill never forget those moments.

They are all special cards which hold meaning to the deck and hold great power to whoever holds them

2 Synchron

I am buying a competitive Synchron deck and I can’t wait Yusei Fudo is my favorite character in yugioh and one of the yugioh 5ds episodes Was casted on my birthday

Synchron's are just amazing! They can bring out whatever synchro monster they want! They are very consistent, they are a very fair deck, and almost everyone loves them! As soon as Quasar hits the field, it's game!

3 Mermail

This deck has lost it's relevance over the past couple of formats, but it will be remembered one of the most boss decks ever! The deck can be inconsistent at times, but can still bring out their boss monster with ease.

4 Gem-Knight

Yes. Gem-Knights made the top 5 list! Gem-Knights are one of those deck where you know it's gonna be fun. You can tech in Rabbit, Redox, etc.

Just a super fun and cheap deck that can win.

5 Dark World

Don't hate me for putting this the list. Dark World's can draw easily, and still have a chance to win!

No need to explain it was a great deck

6 Lightsworn

A deck that never truly dies, lightsworns are a mill based deck. This means every game is different and unique.

Ever since they came out they were the best

Loved lightsworns since their release

Judgement Dragon OP

7 Frightfur

They're super fun to play with, and they have pretty good support. The monsters effects really compliment each other, and the spell card "Toy Vendor" is really helpful to get some of the discarding effects

It uses fusion summons and have supported cards for that. The monsters of the deck,"fluffals", are cute but when fused with the demons the gain pretty nice effects and an evil character

Always a fun time to play with the deck if you have the right speed to it. Great deck for swarming the field with great fusion monsters.

No need to say frightfur are cute as hell and deadly

8 God Cards
9 Disaster Dragon

Even it is no longer good, I still love this deck

10 Lunalight
The Contenders
11 Kozmo

Kozmo is really good to me because I can almost always special summon monsters, Dark Destroyer can be summoned in one move (3000 attack).

12 D/D/D (Different Dimension Demon)

If u know how to play correctly with this deck u can't end up with a link, xyz, synchro & fusion monster in the first turn while having 4 negates.

Probably the best one and the most entertaining for me

they are fun but hard to use, there are always a new combination

13 Blue Eyes White Dragon

Simply, powerful, able to summon synchro, xyz and fusion monsters, very consistent, adaptable to overcome every situation, just summon your blue eyes and smash the opponent, if he stills alive, summon another and break his ass.

Most enjoyable deck to play. With every card I bring about my Blue-Eyes White Dragon and unleash doom upon my opponent. Very fun and strong deck to play!

The card that got me started in yugioh 2 decades ago

Very very fun

14 Nekroz

Now that Djinn Releaser of rituals is banned, Nekroz has very interesting and interactive play style that does not ftk, otk, or floodgate your opponent.

Ritual are my favourite

15 Mokey Mokey

Spam them mokeys!

gonna win with my 300 atk monsters

16 Black Magician

Its game flow pretty good it look like you can play even in your opponent turn and have a stasifying comeback just like what Yugi does in the anime!

Dark magician

17 Zombie Madness

I like Call of Duty bo3 zombies and this is a zombie deck best deck ever it also has pot of greed and cards with 3000 to 4500 attack vote now

18 Crystal Beast

Every card is like 5 cents! Pretty fun too haha

19 Raidraptors

I played raidraptor for ages til realized galaxy eyes was a thing

Super fun to play

can be used with any winged beast engine super good

20 Ojama

You can't spell "FUN" without Ojama

greatness in red underwear

21 Madolche

Oh come on! Don't tell me I'm the only one loves this deck! Tiaramisu is a god.

Madolches are cute and good, I love them,

22 Superheavy Samurai

They are super what did you expect?

23 Shaddoll

Shaddoll OP.

24 Blackwing

Birds of a common feather flock together

A fun swarming deck

It's good and fun

25 Utopia

Using all of the creative support cards and stronger forms is just great. And using Utopia Double for easy otk's is just as much fun.

I have one and I summon him first turn then Barian force and numeron fall and rising sun slash to finish them off

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