Best Funko Five Nights at Freddy's (Fnaf) Action Figures

The Top Ten

1 Baby (Glow in the Dark / Walgreens Exclusive)
2 Baby

She's a really good character and she has a very nice design. She even has a microphone! Funko also remembered the color of Baby's hair bands. Put your hands together for Funko! 👏

3 Ballora
4 Foxy (Glow in the Dark / Hot Topic Exclusive)

LOVE glow in the dark Foxy so cool

5 Foxy
6 Funtime Foxy (Sister Location)

I have this one. #NOREGRETS.
Probably the best FF action figure I’ve ever seen.

She was made well.

Too bad her ears fall off.

7 Lolbit (Walgreens Exclusive)
8 Funtime Foxy
9 Nightmare Foxy
10 Jack-O-Chica (GameStop Exclusive)

The Contenders

11 Nightmare Freddy
12 Nightmarionne

This definitely! It's awesome! - SaphireStorm

It is a nice piece. You should remix the list by your preference. - PrinceZarbon

13 Spring Trap
14 Chica (With Mr. Cupcake)


15 Freddy

The main guy in the FNAF series - BorisRule

16 Nightmare Chica
17 Nightmare Bonnie
18 Ennard
19 Golden Freddy
20 Funtime Freddy (Sister Location)
21 Bonnie
22 Fredbear
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