Top Ten Funnest Medals to Earn in Halo: Reach

This list is more for the common medals that are just really fun to get. Not the extremely hard, ridiculous medals that are almost impossible to get.

The Top Ten

1 Showstopper (Halo: Reach Medal) Showstopper (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill an opponent while they are performing an assassination. - eventer51314

2 Grenade Stick (Halo: Reach Medal) Grenade Stick (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill an opponent by sticking them with a plasma grenade. - eventer51314

3 Assassin (Halo: Reach Medal) Assassin (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill an opponent by performing an assassination. - eventer51314

4 Protector (Halo: Reach Medal) Protector (Halo: Reach Medal)

Save a teammate by killing his foe. - eventer51314

5 Kill from the Grave (Halo: Reach Medal) Kill from the Grave (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill an opponent after you have died. - eventer51314

6 Killjoy (Halo: Reach Medal) Killjoy (Halo: Reach Medal)

End an opponent's killing spree. - eventer51314

7 Yoink! (Halo: Reach Medal) Yoink! (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill an enemy player while they are being assassinated. - eventer51314

8 Headcase (Halo: Reach Medal) Headcase (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill a sprinting opponent with a headshot. - eventer51314

9 Bull True (Halo: Reach Medal) Bull True (Halo: Reach Medal)

Kill an opponent that is in the act of a sword lunge. - eventer51314

10 First Strike (Halo: Reach Medal) First Strike (Halo: Reach Medal) V 1 Comment
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1. Showstopper (Halo: Reach Medal)
2. Grenade Stick (Halo: Reach Medal)
3. Assassin (Halo: Reach Medal)



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