Funnest Online Computer Games

The Top Ten

1 Bloons Tower Defense 1, 2 , 3

This was the coolest game that I played in ninjakiwi and it's so fun when you hack it

2 Age of War

Age of war is so fun, I play it all the time and never get bored. - dragon13304

3 Sonny
4 Commando 2
5 Warfare 1917
6 Thing Thing Series
7 Stick RPG
8 Drag Racer v3

Name your save unclepeanuts and unlock everything!

9 Minecraft

I play Minecraft PE, as well as, PS3, and Xbox 360.
I used to play on PC, but, its to laggy, hard to control.
If you have Mods for Minecraft: Multiplayer. You can put your world from PE to it so others can join your world.
I have one, a flat world. Its called Minetopia. (I got 'topia' from the new movie in cinemas Zootopia) - TheWolfLover

10 Happy Wheels

Because let's be honest. Who DOESN'T like people getting horribly dismembered. Well, squeamish people I guess, but whatever. Plus, Tobuscus and Pewdiepie played it. Yeah.

The Contenders

11 Roblox

Most Fun game Of ALL time

I played ROBLOX
Username: NutritiousA7r7h7 - ArcticWolf

Just seeing all the little kids rage is amazing. - MrLoser

Like I said, this is 2nd best, you gotta play this.
Its like Minecraft, but not exactly.
Vote either Animal Jam or ROBLOX.
PLEASE! - TheWolfLover

12 Ray 1 and 2
13 Sift Heads Series
14 Cave Story
15 Undertale
16 Animal Jam

I played Animal Jam too
Username: Monkeygirl789 - ArcticWolf

Anyone plays this? It's the best! Please vote.
2nd Favourite game has to be... ROBLOX. Yes, then Minecraft. Who doesn't love Minecraft? Or ROBLOX? OR ANIMALJAM?
I mean, I guess Animal Jam is for animal lovers, like myself.
I love wolves. - TheWolfLover

17 Frontline Defense

Best game in the whole worldI have reached a score of 2036 mass

19 Hello Neighbor

Best Horror game

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