Funnest Online Computer Games

The Top Ten

1 Bloons Tower Defense 1, 2 , 3

This was the coolest game that I played in ninjakiwi and it's so fun when you hack it

2 Age of War

Age of war is so fun, I play it all the time and never get bored. - dragon13304

3 Sonny
4 Commando 2
5 Warfare 1917
6 Thing Thing Series
7 Drag Racer v3

Name your save unclepeanuts and unlock everything!

8 Stick RPG
9 Minecraft

I play Minecraft PE, as well as, PS3, and Xbox 360.
I used to play on PC, but, its to laggy, hard to control.
If you have Mods for Minecraft: Multiplayer. You can put your world from PE to it so others can join your world.
I have one, a flat world. Its called Minetopia. (I got 'topia' from the new movie in cinemas Zootopia) - TheWolfLover

10 Happy Wheels

Because let's be honest. Who DOESN'T like people getting horribly dismembered. Well, squeamish people I guess, but whatever. Plus, Tobuscus and Pewdiepie played it. Yeah.

The Contenders

11 Ray 1 and 2
12 Roblox

Just seeing all the little kids rage is amazing. - MrLoser

Like I said, this is 2nd best, you gotta play this.
Its like Minecraft, but not exactly.
Vote either Animal Jam or ROBLOX.
PLEASE! - TheWolfLover

13 Sift Heads Series
14 Cave Story
15 Undertale
16 Animal Jam

Anyone plays this? It's the best! Please vote.
2nd Favourite game has to be... ROBLOX. Yes, then Minecraft. Who doesn't love Minecraft? Or ROBLOX? OR ANIMALJAM?
I mean, I guess Animal Jam is for animal lovers, like myself.
I love wolves. - TheWolfLover

17 Frontline Defense

Best game in the whole worldI have reached a score of 2036 mass

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