Top 10 Most Fun Super Smash Brawl Characters

Choose the character you think is the most fun to play not who you think is the best.
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1 Meta Knight

Love crashing people with Meta Knight. Only few can defeat Him. He's awesome. Deal with it.

The flying makes him so fun also his attacks are great. Meta Knight, Meta Knight rules!

Why is Meta Knight the most fun SSBB character to play as? Well, cause he's cool! That sweet sword, it just makes me wanna hug him!

2 Fox
3 Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.
4 Pokemon Trainer
5 Sheik
6 Snake

Snake was the most fun. From his planting bombs to seeker missiles, he would even choke someone out. And has final was a shooting range style, where you shot bombs off screen at players, perfect for being an ass while others wher engaged in combat.

His explosives are fun but he is also a great character as well as fun.

7 Ike Ike is the main character in the video game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the Nintendo GameCube and one of the main characters of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii.

Y'know because marth has a vagina. Ike is far superior in terms of killing power

Really powerful and he is really satisfying to play

super strong attack from the fire emblem seriest

Ike kicks everybody's ass

8 Marth Marth is a fictional character from the Fire Emblem series, developed by Intelligent Systems and owned by Nintendo. He is the protagonist and Lord class character in the first and the third games in the series, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, and Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, more.

Even though Ike's stronger, Marth's faster, and for me, speed is better than strength. His final smash is also a lot more fun than Ike's and other characters'. - Blubbydubber1

Marth possesses the fastest swordplay skills I've ever seen. Can you backflip casually in the air? Yeah, didn't think so.

9 Mr. Game & Watch

Why's he not Number 1?! He's the only character I can ever manage to take the mick out of my friends with, and still manage to win!

This, rob, and meta knight can beat the poo out of people in ssb4

10 Yoshi Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo. He is most known for his appearances in the Yoshi and Mario franchises.

Its a dinosaur that shoots eggs out of his butt, to harm opponents clearly the best

The Contenders
11 Ice Climbers


Cause of the op chain grabs yey

12 Donkey Kong Donkey Kong is an arcade game released by Nintendo in 1981. It is an early example of the platform game genre, as the gameplay focuses on maneuvering the main character across a series of platforms while dodging and jumping over obstacles.
13 Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is a fictional character in the Donkey Kong series of video games, first appearing in the 1994 game Donkey Kong Country.
14 Falco
15 Pikachu Pikachu (Japanese: ピカチュウ) are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

so powerful its thundershock is superb

16 Kirby Kirby is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. His first game was created in 1992, and the pink puffball has made his way into the hearts of fans of all ages.

Simple, easy to control and he kicks butt. Best character in the Smash Bros. games, by a long shot.

That feeling you get when you throw someone off the edge. Sudden Death mode. Throw them off the edge again. LOLOLOLOLOL!

17 Luigi Luigi is a character featured in video games and related media released by Nintendo. Created by prominent game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Luigi is portrayed as the slightly younger but taller fraternal twin brother of Nintendo's mascot Mario, and appears in many games throughout the Mario franchise, more.

You can't take him seriously at all. He's amazingly fun. He's not a competitive character obviously but he's just so unpredictable. I mean, he's just so fun to mess around with, which is the point.

He's luigi he's supposed to be fun

18 Lucario Lucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.
19 Wario Wario is a character in Nintendo's Mario series who was originally designed as an antagonist to Mario. His motives are driven by greed and he will take the side of whoever will give him the most pay. Although he may seem like just a mean man with no heart, he does have a very tragic past.

His ridiculous moves make him an amazingly fun character. Though it is tough to decide between him, Luigi, and Lucario.

20 Link Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

I love Link! He has the coolest sword moves and is so fun to play as!

21 Bowser Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.
22 Zelda Princess Zelda is a fictional character in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda video game series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced in its original entry in 1986.

Zelda doesn't give me a headache like daisy or a roll of eyes like peach. She might seem all serious, but deep inside her is a tomboyish spirit and a really funny side. She is an amazing archer and a great swordsperson, too. She improves her skills while peach applys makeup.

23 Wolf
24 King Dedede King Dedede is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Who is better? No one! Such skill at throwing his subjects, and indeafeatable. Who is better? NO ONE!

Who does not like a bunch of strong atacks and magical powers?

25 Toon Link
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