Funnest Things About Roblox

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1 The Building

You can create your own games. It's so fun :D

2 Obby/Tycoon Games

Regular than original games. There so fun. Obbys are long/short obstacles. Tycoons are where you use a money maker to collect cash to buy stuff.

3 Friends

I love collecting friends on games :)

I think I actually have 1, 056 friends to be honest.

4 The Games

Games are the main part of ROBLOX

5 Trolling Friends/Robloxians

I have trolled over 2312604 people on roblox

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Woo! I always wanted OBC but I ended up just getting because instead.. When my because ran out I got so bored that I ended up quitting on 10/25/2013. (Just a month after I joined, sad ik)

It's sweet! You can create your own games that you have never been aloud to before and finally collect Robux! (This is better than "because" and "TBC")

8 Money (Tix/Robux)

Tix and Robux help you buy stuff like clothing, gear, and models for the games your game. (The models are actually all free :D)

9 BC
10 Gear/Clothing

I love creating Gear/Clothing and buying some and using/wearing them.

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11 Noob Calling V 2 Comments
12 Noob Games

I love noob calling but there's some games for noobs on ROBLOX you can play to troll them.

13 Getting Banned
14 Breaking Rules
15 Shopping In the Catalog

So fun there are many games that have this feature

16 Using Admin Commands to Troll Guests

It's so fun at kohls admin when I name the guest test dummy and use darkhearts on him/her

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