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21 Make Random Jokes

Say someone said you sounded like a owl and then if they say who start laughing and making emojis that are laughing

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22 Buying 45 Gem Necklaces Then Gifting Them to Random People

Some idiot tried to scam me when I did this... Don't worry! I'm smart!

This is what Fman122 used to do! The people will FREAK OUT

23 Do an adventure

Doing an adventure, like The Forgotten Desert, is a fun, cool, and fast way to level up, earn gems, and get awesome prizes! All the adventures can be done with buddies (except training grounds, which takes but 30 seconds).
You could even find some new glitches!

Got a red short from Lucky Clovers

I love the eagle adventure and I got most of my friends from there. And not to mention my first aj dream come true!

24 Play Truth or Dare


Go to 0icediamond0 and nonstop send her jam-a-grams she will immediately go to your den (if she is online) and tell you these exact words "STOP" Do not stop. Repeat this until you get bored. She WILL make a long video about that. Go to her den and yell "GET OUT OF THE BARN" Then leave when the message disappears

This is very fun and I love doing it! It's always so funny when someone dares you to recycle your best item and then you pretend to recycle it, and they totally believe you. Hahaa, this is the best!

Wait does she actually do this

Or do it do pinksparkles5150 on aj

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25 Drawing in the art studio
26 Mating

That is sexual and disgusting, could you remove this please? I don't want child molesters voting for it

I think that "mating" is not fun, safe, or appropriate for an online game. The point of animal jam is to " be safe," and"have fun"

Personally it kinda annoys me when people use animal jam as a dating website. Like seriously and then you have those inappropriate people who crash your parties and say disgusting things. I don't understand how animal jam went from a game, to being all about rarity, to being a dating website. My best friend yesterday said she got married to someone on aj... I don't know if animal jam will ever be the same :(

You are disgusting! Absolutely disgusting! - RaccoonCartoon

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27 Flash Trade People With Good Rares

Don't flash trade! It's bad and you could loose everything! I always tell people Flash Trade My den! To figure out who's doing it. Then, I report the people who come and then lock my den

That is really bad to do

Neeh I don't like this because there is a program for Animal Jam you can download so you can accept every trade instantly. I DID NOT DOWNLOAD THIS SOMEONE TOLD ME THAT THERE WAS SUCH THING.


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28 Fman122 trolling

It happened at wolf only party someone Kame dressed up like fman122 and I was like oh god its him and it was scary

Laugh out loud people think I'm the real Fman122 but then I talk and they calm down

Username: Pinkcuteness79 I have no more buddy room so sorry - Pinkcuteness79

How dare you post this? I am raging right now. You know what, I'll probably just come back. If I figure out your user, you're getting hacked. This is.NOT FAKE-Fman122

Hi going to repot and hake pandas 342 I'm fam man122

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29 Troll boys

That is so funny I will pretend I'm a boy and do that is looks hilarious LOL

YOU are a boy and your animal is a girl and say IF YOU LIKE ME GO TO MY DEN I'm A GIRL and then a load of boys come and say she's mine. And you say EW I'm A BOY and lock em out your den :)) Please vote

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30 Troll mate beggars

It's fun, and I looked totally sick, so when I said prom my den, a bunch of non member girls began to fight over me, and before I did my prank I made sure my name was king the ruler, so that they would not find out I'm the opposite. When a girl claimed she was mine, I said sorry, I am a girl. LOLZ. And a penguin girl was so mad. Then a member came for the prom and. She fell in love with me but when I revealed myself she was so angry she almost reported me

Pretend to be the opposite gender then reveal yourself when you get bored. They go mad!

LOL this is amazing to do I laugh so hard

I'm totally trying this

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31 Dressing Weird and Yelling V 1 Comment
32 Have two tabs of two animals and talk to yourself

If you have a member item on a non member account you can give it to your other account for a necklace... You can also pretend to be siblings! You can read minds too

I do this, except I exchange items. I also do it with 5 tabs

Fun trading and playing games

I do this. - NoOreoForU

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33 Scamming Scammers V 1 Comment
34 Sending Random Jamagrams to Other Jammers

When my buddy is playing a game at sol arcade, I annoy them by sending fifteen messages really fast so they will get off and so we can chat. It also works If they have their doorbell on, it rings like crazy if you go back and forth into their den

When I was a non member I got in a fight with someone and it was hard to do stuff because ya know non members can't type stuff in jam a grams...

I do this all he time it is so funny and so fun you should do it too

No that's like spam jamagramming... I perfur being crazy like the elephant that shouts zombie attack that's my favorite thing

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35 Going to a Guys Den and Screaming

I use my elephant for it if you wanna see how weird he looks just look at him my user is aggrofire1233

36 Go to Another Persons Den and Make Sure Its No Locked and Annoy Them by Having a Random Party

I like to go to random peoples den and be crazy like I say "I LIKE TRAINS" and "I LIKE PIE AND PEOPLE ASK WHY! " until they lock meh out or until I get bored

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37 Pretend to be a famous Jammer

Go around as a panda, wear sparkly boa and the rest of the outfit, then be all brown and say your Nikki Manaj. LOL

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38 Annoy People at Their Den.

Go to Aparri's or Wootmoo's den if you can, and then go to somebody random's den. If they don't come, JAG them and say "This is really really important come now now now! " and if they reply "I don't know u" JAG back saying "Come please! " When they come, just leave. It'll annoy them because they can't get back in :B

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39 Pretend you are a famous Jammer

I get all kinds of goodies from jammers because I pretend that I'm famous Username:Pinkcuteness79 sorry I don't have any more room for buddies so don't ask - Pinkcuteness79


That is just creepy and if you have rares on trade even more creepy

Its just I like candy and that would be funny

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