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41 Go Dance In Someone's House

Go dance in someones den saying dance

Lol I like looking crazy and doing it and say I LIKE PIE AND PEOPLE ASK WHY until they look my out or I get bored, when they lock me out I say AHH ALIANS ARE HERE TAKE COVER AHH AHH AHH


42 Get together with a bunch of other people have them all be the same animal with the same exact colors, go to Jamma township with the people who are like twins and say you will take over the world

Lol I saw orange deer tons of them saying join us and help us take over the world moo ha ha ha

I saw some purple polka dot penguins do it SO SO SO funny

Its awesome and so so so so funny!

I did this with my buddies! (aka myself because I have no friends... cri I did it on backup accounts) we were dressed up as the same color of wolves and wore the same color of necklaces and went to the clover party and yelled, "JOIN UUUS!, WE WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD AHAHAAHA! " it was hilarious!

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43 Have a banana party!!!!

Wait a second were you at julian2 den doing that because I was elmo there

I had a pineapple party :3 Close enough, though

44 Roleplay V 1 Comment
45 Make a Clan

I love the warrior cats

Ok making clans are SUPER fun I'm a leader of a lot of clans and from my learning people in clans are very seroius so if you are making one don't be bossy just be like you know encouraging people.

. wolf howl .

As Sparklecherry8, I am an advanced roleplayer, and am in a million clans. Jag me if you have one to join :D

46 Get In Random Dens

It is also a great way to get ideas for your own den

I LOVE this one I used to do it and person was like good when I sent them a jam a gram telling I was in their den and then they locked their den I was like my user is zestygarlic123 I'm a member

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47 Go to the Pillow Room

The pillow room is full of nothing but rabbits wanting to be adopted and wolf child predators chasing others, along with LOADS AND LOAFS OF CRYING. Perfect time waster.

Lots of weird stuff happens there, basically anything but getting sleep, LOL

I act like I'm gay there to see reactions.

I run in, and say I'm "gate" (gay) and laugh my face off at their reactions I really am a lesbian •w• I has a girlfriend I'm 15

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48 Pretending your a guy and take people out on a date then turn into a girl and troll them

I do this on other games x3

I've done this before and its hilarious!

Me and my friend do this all the time we get on FaceTime and troll

Love this

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49 Dressing up as a unicorn

I do that sometimes at my den when I do my fashion show I am like " Ok next theme is pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows! " Then I put my rainbow cloud down and I tell the people do dance on it it is so fun and funny you should do it! ( If you have a rainbow cloud lol! )

Also fun is screaming at people dressed like unicorns.

Do it with a horse then dance in jamaa Town and shout PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS

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50 Troll Noobs

Dude this is so fun to do I went up to one and asked if theyy wanted to see my long spike (rare item) and they said eww you ppreadator lol

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51 Have A Party

Make it any kind you want, maybe make it unique! Even a dressing weird party would be fun.

52 Getting adopted

Instead of getting adopted I go to the pillow room and say, :throws grenades everywhere: and see what people react too and when I didn't have free chat I said, I throws pineapples everywhere: it was funny to see some peoples reactings

I seriously have like eight moms, it is weird. + my name is seaswirl10001 please buddy and gift me

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53 Make a Toy Store

This is a really fun way to get more good items from toys or plushies so if you don't like them you can easily trade it away! By the way buddy triki8901 triki8902 triki8903 lioda1 cherryblossom91935 and block fman122!

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54 Sing

This is SO much fun. I like to sing Justin Beiber just to annoy people!

I'm sorry, for breaking your heart, hello adele

I love to go around Jamaa and sing random stuff. Its really fun to do, and funny! I like to sing my favorite songs. Especially Whispers In The Dark by Three Days Grace. It's a good song.

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55 Make a Hotel

Ok I'm not saying you have to be a member for this but if you are a member use your biggest den because you need a lot of rooms and non members you can make room outside if you want it does not matter so have fun!

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56 Make a Preschool

What I used was my volcano den and put grass floor rainbow walls rugs most of the stuff from the march adventure because it was very colorful and bookshelfs. So what you need to do is be the teacher and get tiny bunnies to be in your preschool each day read a book to them, give them snack time, nap time, and fun time just let them play basically.oh or you can use a rainbow castle that's good too just anything colorful mine was perfect! Don't mean to brag :D

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57 Find friends

Go to the pillow room, lots of weird stuff happens there!

58 Watch fights and secretly record V 1 Comment
59 Fake People Out!

That is just mean they probably worked hard to get some of these items but I must admit it is pretty fun. I always send it back though unless it really is my b-day

Yea I say sometimes GIFT ME ITS MAI BDAY and once I said, please gift me NICE items for my bday! And people actually believed me! I am Jammer78z46

Want free stuff? Doesn't everyone!
Act like your doing a mailtime! Make it seem real though.
Also you can say "send me gifts if your fabulous/awesome"
It seems terrible but you know... GIFTS!

60 Go to People's Den

Go to random people's den, and if they lock you out, try with other people. If everyone does that, try going to your friend's den, and when she/he comes, leave! It's so fun!

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