Funnest Things to Do On Assassin's Creed III


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1 Hunt

My best hunting trip was killing 6 deer, 2 rabbits, 2 foxes, and a bear. - Alpha101

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2 Assassinate Random British Soldiers

I went up to some guys and killed one of them, then killed the rest. I ended up killing more than twenty guys, then I loted all of them, then put their bodies in an alley. (It was on a main road so I didn't want a thousand british guys chasing me) - Alpha101

I like looting them 'because then you get free stuff!

3 Have Huge Fights

Like when you were disguised as a british soldier, then killed literally like a hundred guys. At the end there were three guys retreating so I jumped on a crate, in midare killed two of them, then pulled out my flintlock pistol, then shot the other. - Alpha101

4 Have Fist Fights

"I'm about to feed you your teeth. " - Alpha101

5 Help Others

When someone is trying to hurt someone, you can assassinate them. - Alpha101

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6 Use British Soldiers as Human Shields

I kill a guy then hold him up while he gets shot by ten guys! - Alpha101

7 The Storyline

It's one of the best storylines I've ever heard! It's sad that Charles and Connor's father died because I liked them, but I like Connor more so I'm okay with that. - Alpha101

Its sad to see how connor loses everything but never lost his way

Actually, George Washington ordered soldiers to burn our village!
So the story must have been to Kill Him! - glambert

8 Climb Trees and Buildings

Helps me assassinate and hunt better. - Alpha101

9 Side Missions
10 Recruit The Turkey

Find the Turkey near Achilles house and use the Konami code to recruit him

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11 Kill Soldiers by Throwing Them Off Cliffs
12 Naval Combat
13 Fight People With a Broom
14 Doing Air Assassinations
15 Shoot things with a Bow and Arrow
16 Make People Fall Into the River by Carrying a Dead Body Towards Them
17 Fighting Soldiers With a Club.

I got the iron head war club and I've had the most fun in the game with it

18 Find Treasure Chests

They give you thousands of e. Normally give you 1250, or 1500.but the forts give you 7500

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