Top 10 Most Fun Things to Do in Grand Theft Auto Games

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Beat Up Random People

There's just a thrill associated with punching the living daylights out of other people on the street. I love how they fight back too, because you just feel so much better when you repetitively beat them again and again, then when they're finally on the floor you stamp them until their money appears. Ooo yeah

It's so fun when playing San andreas, that super punch cheat, laughing my ass off punching them like 20 feet far, lol

what is better than punching an innocent pedestrian in the face then kill them and then take their money, and finally run from the cops

If I play Grand Theft Auto, I really like to stab people around plus get away with It with a stolen car, and I'd have a car chase with the police all around town

Cause a Police Chase

If you cause police cases you have a lot of fun because 1st you run away from the police 2nd wait to teach them the boss 3d escape and hit the road 4th kiss them good by with your gun

Getting as many stars as you can is fun as hell. 4 stars is when the fun stars. The SWAT come after you. 5. The FBI. 6. The Army, Tanks, troops, the whole nine yards... the fun is staying alive.

Especially in Chinatown Wars, where you have to drive the cops into walls so they blow up and you can run away from them.

Fun to get away and they go super silly and go to the same place as you and you are not able to be found by them

Shoot Random People

so funny! One time I spied on my brother playing it, he was driving around, got out of the car, then stot some random person down! LOL

omg a granny! *shoots with minigun* WIN

It's so fun. One time I was chasing this guy with a taser for some reason and I was catching up when the guy ran in front of an oncoming train. Hilarious!

Steal Cars

HELLO! Thats what it's all about.
It's called "Grand Theft Auto".

Use Cheat Codes

Best way to survive without getting shot or cause police trouble!

My favorite and most useful ROCKETMAN

Drive Like a Normal Person

Why is it fun to drive normally? I don't know, but it is.

A it's Not fun at all.

Pick a Fight With a Grandma

I love it when they run away so I can chase that b**** down.

they hit you with their handbag, its hilarious!

They hit you with handbags. Best feeling ever

Complete Missions

what the games were meant for

Blow Up Stuff

What you do when you have a whole ton of explosives and have nothing better to do.

Kill Yourself Over and Over

Grand Theft Auto 4 is more reallistic to die many times! I can end up falling off the building, crash right out the car window and get smash by cars and helicoptors!

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Ram Into Motorcyclists With Cars
Get In a Car Wreck
Run Over Pedestrians
Push Pedestrians Off High Places

Well just try pushing off your girlfriend from any bridge in Grand Theft Auto sa. You will know what I mean😈

Kidnap Pedestrians
Cause a Big Car Wreck
Get 100%

Took me one month to get 100% in vice city. I've got many copies of that file saved in my pc.

I love getting progress, there's always something to be proud of

Crash Your Motorcycle and Go Flying


Drive On the Sidewalks
Cause Trouble at Strip Clubs

In Grand Theft Four this was a fun thing to do!

Try to Kill Yourself with a Death Sound in High Pitch
Walk Around
Flying Cars Cheat In San Andreas

It’s so amazing
And you also earn loads of money when you hit the floor because the game counts it as an “insane stunt” that gives you thousands!

Taking Funny 'Self-Portrait' Pictures
Take a Dog for a Walk
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