Funnest Things In School


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1 Recess

Ok let me tell you worst things in school pe science math - simpsondude

2 P.E.

PE is amazing, it's where you get to play games and sports and run and jump, all the fun stuff! I'm really sporty and I love PE even cross country which most people don't like I love it, I feel so free when I'm running like I never want to stop. PE is ace it should be #1

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3 Art
4 Science

Definitely. Physics is the best! Why is P.E. so high? It's excruciating and teaches nothing! - PositronWildhawk

5 Math

It's how our whole life functions I wouldn't even have a computer along with everybody else without math, it would be like the pioneering days.

Math is a skill that no one can live without, and to me the class is so simple, its fun.

6 Music
7 History
8 Social Studies

I did my report on Abraham Lincoln - Jake09

9 Cursive
10 Lunch

Why is math even on the list

I'm hungry laugh out loud - ROBLOXMan

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11 Going to the Bathroom
12 Drama
13 Study Hall
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